CAT Model Paper 10 Questions and Answers with Explanation Part 4

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Group question

Read the following information and solve the questions based on it.

Manish՚s restaurant – Barbeque World serves a special Friday night banquet consisting of seven barbeque courses: chicken, salmon, Lamb, pineapple, lobster, and turkey. Diners are free to select the order of the seven courses, according to the following conditions:

(i) The paneer is served sometime after pineapple.

(ii) Exactly one course should be served between the salmon and the Lamb. (Considering Salmon comes before Lamb) .

(iii) The lobster is served some before the salmon.

(iv) The paneer is either the fifth or the sixth course to be reserved. The chicken is the second course to be served.

36. Which one of the following sequences would make for an acceptable banquet?

(A) Pineapple, chicken, lobster, turkey, salmon, paneer, Lamb

(B) Pineapple, chicken, turkey, salmon, paneer, Lamb, lobster

(C) Lobster, chicken, salmon, pineapple, paneer, Lamb, turkey

(D) Lobster, chicken, pineapple, paneer, salmon, turkey, Lamb

Answer: A


Option (b) is not possible Lobster should be served before salmon.

Option (c) is not possible as there cannot be 2 courses between salmon and Lamb.

Option (d) is not possible as Paneer is served in 4th course.

37. If the paneer is the fifth course served, then which one of the following must be true?

(A) Salmon is the third course served

(B) Lamb is the fourth course served

(C) Turkey is the seventh course served

(D) Lobster is the first course served

Answer: C


There are 2 possible sequences 1.

Lobster chicken, pineapple, salmon, paneer, Lamb, turkey 2.

Pineapple, chicken, lobster, salmon, paneer, Lamb, turkey.

In both cases turkey is the 7th course.

38. Which one of the following would make it possible to determine the exact order of the course?

(A) Salmon is the fourth course served

(B) Lamb is the fifth course served

(C) Paneer is the sixth course served

(D) Lobster is the first course served

Answer: B


(a) Here, pineapple and lobster can be switched as in question 37.

(c) Not determinable as salmon and Lamb can be shifted to 3 different places.

(d) Not determinable as different possible sequences can be made.

Group solution

Answer the questions independently of each other

39. Four friends in the sixth grade were sharing a pizza. They decided that the oldest friend would get the extra piece. Randy is two month older than Greg, who is three months younger than Ned. Kent is one month older than Greg. Who should get the extra piece of pizza?

(A) Randy

(B) Greg

(C) Ned

(D) Kent

Answer: C


If Randy is two months older than Greg, then Ned is three months older than Greg and one moth older than Randy.

Kent is younger than both Randy and Ned.

Ned is the oldest.

40. A four-person crew from Classic Colors is painting Mr. Field՚s house. Michael is painting the front of the house. Ross is in the alley behind the house painting the back. Jed is painting the window frames on the north side, Shawn is on the south. If Michael switches places with Jed, and Jed then switches places with Shawn, where is Shawn?

(A) In the alley behind the house

(B) On the north side of the house

(C) In front of the house

(D) On the south side of the house

Answer: C


After all the switches were made, Shawn is in front of the house.

Ross is in the alley behind the house, Michael is on the north side, and Jed is on the south.