CAT Model Paper 2 Questions and Answers with Explanation Part 10

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Q: 50. Select the word from the four options that can be used maximum number of times to fill in the blanks in the sentences below.

New York is still the financial ________ of the world.

After the recent events in New Delhi, amendment of anti-rape laws has become an issue of ________ importance.

Fill up the form in ________ letters please.

She worked every day to the ________ of her abilities but was denied promotion doe to office politics.

(A) Hub

(B) Capital

(C) Utmost

(D) Best

Ans: B


Sentence A can take capital or hub. Sentence B can take capital or utmost. Sentence C can take capital only. Sentence D can take capital only. Sentence D can take utmost or best.

Q: 51. Identify the CORRECT sentence (s) in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

A) Teaching your children in contributing to family life is an essential part of good parenting,

B) Children need responsibilities in the home.

C) Even two year olds can learn to tie their pyjamas.

D) And by the time a child is 14, he should have be completing many chores on his or her own.

(A) B and C

(B) A, C and D

(C) A and C

(D) None of the above

Ans: D


Sentence A -You teach someone ‘to do something’ . So, ‘Teaching your children to contribute to …’ Sentence B - children need responsibilities at home. ‘In the home’ in this sentence is open to other interpretations, such as, a home for orphans or abandoned children etc. Sentence C – ‘two-year’ should be hyphenated because it is a compound adjective in this sentence – children who are two years old. Also it should be learn and not learnt. Children learn to put on their pyjamas even if it involves some tying. Sentence D - the expression ‘by the time’ indicates future time here. The better expression would be ‘he should be able to complete’ or ‘he will have learnt to complete’ (future perfect tense) . By the time you return from the US, I will have graduated.

Q: 52. The sentences, 1, 2,3, 4, and 5, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. From among the four choices given below the question, choose the MOST LOGICAL ORDER of sentences that constructs a coherent paragraph.

(1) It hasn՚t escaped notice that Europe is being treated very differently from Asia in 1997.

(2) It demanded higher interest rates, stronger currencies and fiscal tightening while forcing Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea to let weak banks fail.

(3) When Malaysia imposed capital controls, it was demonized.

(4) Back then, the IMF browbeat Asia into harsh reforms that deepened its crisis.

(5) Europe has gotten a pass on all of the above.





Ans: B


The “It” in A does not refer to anything — it supplies a subject--and, therefore, we can begin with 1. ‘Back then’ in 4 refers to 1997 in 1, so 14 is a pair. ‘It’ in 2 refers to the IMF and takes the passage forward from 4. Between 3 and 5,3 will come first, because it continues in the vein of 42.5 concludes and rounds off the discussion started in 1.

Directions for questions 53 to 55:

Each of the following questions is followed by two statements, A and B. Answer each question using the following instructions:

Mark (1) if the question can be answered by using one of the two statements and not by using the other statement.

Mark (2) If the question can be answered by using either statement alone.

Mark (3) If the question can be answered by using both the statements together but not by either of the statements alone.

Mark (4) If the question cannot be answered and additional data is required.

Q: 53. Five movies P, Q, R, S and T are ranked by the media. R “s rank is better than P” s rank, which is ahead of the rank of the movie S, which is below the rank of the movie Q, which is above the rank of the movie T. Which movie got the lowest rank?

A. T is not ranked last

B. Q is ranked lower than P.

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

Ans: A


As per the data given above we get




Using this data, we know that R, P and Q cannot be ranked lowest. So, it is either S or T who will be ranked lowest.

A. T is not ranked last. If we add this data, then we know that S got the lowest rank. So question can be solved using this data.

B. Q is ranked lower than P. This information tells us that the first three places will be held by R, P and Q. But it does not help in finding out the movie which will be ranked last. So, the question cannot be solved using this statement. Hence option A.

The correct choice is (A)

Q: 54. I love my parents and my grandparents too. I don՚t tell my father՚s name directly to anyone. My Principal asked my father՚s name one fine day. If I gave the below given reply, what is the name of my father?

A. My uncle՚s only brother՚s name is Mr. Gajani Kumar.

B. My mother՚s husband՚s name is Mr. Gajani Kumar.

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(4) 4

Ans: A


Here, the Principal has to find out the name of the student՚s father. In Statement A, the Uncle referred may be paternal or maternal Uncle. From Statement B, we get to know the father՚s name.

Q: 55. How many children do the Sinha՚s have?

A. Vijesh, their second son has four sisters.

B. Poonam, Mr. Sinha՚s sister has four nephews

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

Ans: D


From 1st statement. We know only the number of daughters as 4. From 2nd statement, we cannot conclude the number of sons of Sinha ′ s as all of Poonam ′ s nephews need not be Mr. Sinha ′ s sons.