CAT Model Paper 2 Questions and Answers with Explanation Part 7

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Direction for Questions 37 to 39: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below:

There was a concert going on in Delhi and three artists Raja, Razia and Raj play six instruments – guitar, tabla, violin, flute, piano and saxophone. The six instruments belong to these three artists only. No of them owned the same number of instruments. Guitar and flute were not owned by the same artist. Tabla and violin were owned by the same artist. Each artist was allowed to play exactly two instruments out of the six. It was further known that the guitar or flute cannot be played by Razia if Raja plays violin, and if she plays tabla, then Raj cannot play piano or saxophone.

Q: 37. If Raja owned the maximum number of instruments, but neither guitar nor the flute, then which of the following must be his instruments?

(A) Saxophone and Tabla

(B) Table and Violin

(C) Piano and Saxophone

(D) None of these

Ans: B


As per the given conditions, the following arrangement can be made.

As the three artists own different number of instruments out of 6, they will own 1,2 and 3 instruments.

The six given instruments are - guitar, tabla, violin, flute, piano and saxophone

Further, it is given that-

1. If Raja plays Violin ⇾ Razia does not play Flute or Guitar

2. If Razia plays Tabla ⇾ Raj does not play Piano or Saxophone

Further it is given about the ownership that-

Guitar ≠ Flute (Not owned by the same person)

Tabla = Violin (Not owned by the same person)

Now let՚s solve the questions given.

Q: 38. If Raja plays piano and violin, then which of the following instruments are played by Razia?

(A) Tabla and Saxophone

(B) Flute and Guitar

(C) Flute and Saxophone

(D) None of these

Ans: A


If Raja plays violin and piano, then Razia cannot play the flute or guitar. The options left with her are tabla and saxophone.

Q_38_Table of the Options Left with Her Are Tabla and Saxophone
Piano and ViolinTabla and SaxophoneGuitar and Flute

The correct choice is (A)

Q: 39. Which of the following is definitely true about the artists?

(A) If Raja plays violin and Razia plays tabla, then Raj plays guitar and flute

(B) Raja plays violin and Razia plays tabla, flute and guitar

(C) If Raja plays violin, then Razia plays piano

(D) None of these

Ans: A


First choice is correct as given in the data that if Raja plays violin then Razia cannot play flute or guitar. Razia plays tabla then Raj cannot play piano or saxophone, and he is also not playing violin and tabla, hence he has to play guitar and flute.

Q_39_Table of Data That if Raja Plays Violin then Razia Cannot Play Flute or Guitar
ViolinTablaGuitar and Flute

Second choice is not correct as per the condition number 2 given above. Also, as given in the third choice, it is not necessary that if Raja plays violin, then Razia plays piano.

The correct choice is (A)

Q: 40. For the word given at the top of the table, match the dictionary definitions on the left (A, B, C, D) with their corresponding usage on the right (E, F, G, H) . Out of the four possibilities given in the boxes below the table, select the one that has all the definitions and their usages CORRECTLY MATCHED.


Q_40_Table of Out of the Four Possibilities Given in the Boxes
Dictionary definitionUsage
AA result or consequenceEHe left all his effects to his wife in his will
BPersonal Property or PossessionsFThere was a note to the effect that she had left my dinner on the table
CTo come into forceGWhat effect will this medicine have on me?
DHaving that general meaningHThe new legislation against drunken driving will be in effect from tomorrow





Ans: C


A. result or consequence. From the options on the right hand side, we can choose G as it means what result will that medicine have. So A gets matched with G.

C. to come into force seems apt for H which used effect to denote that the new law will “come into force” from tomorrow. C gets matched with H. The only option that matched A with G and C with H is correct Hence option C.

The correct choice is (C)

Q: 41. The question has a sentence with two blanks followed by four pairs of words as choices. From the choices, select the pair of words that can best complete the given sentence.

The problem is that approaching the IMF for a loan is seen as somehow ________, rather than as a necessary precaution when a country is trying to ________from developing to developed status.

(A) Respectable, proceed

(B) Cautious, shift

(C) Shameful, progress

(D) Regressive, revert

Ans: C


The sentence can be understood as saying that a country wants to shift from developing to developed country status which is considered a sign of progress. In this scenario, seeking a loan would be considered shameful. Therefore, shameful and progress is the right answer. Respectable and cautious are wrong because the combination of “The problem” at the head of the sentence and “rather than as a necessary precaution” immediately after the blank imply that the blank must be filled with something that has a negative connotation. Regressive meets this requirement, but revert means to come back to a poorer state, which would be contextually inappropriate.

The correct choice is (C)

Q: 42. The following question has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. Choose the option that completes the paragraph in the MOST APPROPRIATE way

Whether New Delhi՚s diplomatic bumbling surrounding Sri Lanka՚s action against the LTTE will cause the Sri Lankan government to go even closer to the Chinese government remains to be seen.

On the one hand, Beijing developed strong links with Colombo during the years of the civil war.

(A) On the other hand, there is little doubt that Colombo՚s decision to go after the LTTE no-holds-barred had China՚s tacit approval

(B) On the other hand, there is every reason for India to globally project itself as an antithesis to the Chinese

(C) On the other hand, the Chinese have -for strategic reasons -supported dictatorships without much fuss

(D) On the other hand, the overall feeling is that India was caught between contesting forces

Ans: A


The passage states that India has handled the issue of Sri Lanka՚s campaign against the LTTE badly. This may cause Sri Lanka to grow close to China. On the one hand, Beijing has grown close to Colombo. On the other hand … what? 1 says Colombo had Chinese approval to go after LTTE, which continues the theme of the passage. 2 is too general and does not talk about Sri Lanka at all. 3 is vague since nowhere is dictatorships mentioned in the passage. 4 is also vague. Hence, option A.

The correct choice is (A)