CAT Model Paper 4 Questions and Answers with Explanation Part 6

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Q: 28. What is the highest power of ?

(A) 22

(B) 25

(C) 26

(D) None of these

Ans: C


In number of = half the number of

Number of

Number of .

In , number of

Total .

Hence 26

Q: 29. Two mobile phone vendors buy an iPhone 5 at the same cost price. One of the vendors “Ram, sells the iPhone bought by him at a profit of .” Unfortunately, due to a medical emergency the other vendor- Shayam had to sell his piece at a loss of 20 % . The selling price of Shayam is what percentage of the selling price of Ram?




(D) 6

Ans: B


Let the cost price of the items be ₹ 100. Ram sells it at ₹ 130 and Shayam sells it at ₹ 80

Hence option

Q: 30. What is the remainder when 91 divides a six-digit number of the form aaaaaa?





Ans: D


The easiest way to do this would be to take an example

is divisible by 7 and 13 both. So, it is divisible by also.

Hence option 0

Q: 31. The sentences and 5 below when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. From among the four choices given below the question, choose the MOST LOGICAL ORDER of sentences that constructs a coherent paragraph.

1. The co-option of this country, which could not be explained by economic criteria, was

Indicative of a desire for greater political representativeness.

2. A certain politicization marked the third BRICS summit, held in Sanya, China, in 2011.

3. Second, the BRICS՚s resolutions themselves were more political, as evident from their attitude vis-a-vis the Syrian crisis.

4. Even as Syrian demonstrators were enduring a fierce crackdown, all five BRICS refused to support any resolution against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

5. First of all, the political dimension of the coalition was affirmed with the official admission of South Africa into the club.





Ans: D


B is the introductory statement (A certain politicization marked …) . Now 51 is a pair, because it says ‘First of all … South Africa … in 5 and the co-option of this country, which is South Africa in 1’ . Then comes 25143,25134, since C begins with “Second … and then presents the BRICS stand on Syria” . 25134 explains 21543.

Hence option 25134

Q: 32. The following question has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. Choose the option that completes the paragraph in the MOST APPROPRIATE way. Aakash has focused attention on the need for a digital educational ecosystem. The creation of digital educational content that can be consumed on a low-end tablet and the availability of computer programs that can run on such basic resources have received a boost. The initial premise remains valid.

(A) Hardware manufacturers have realized that India provides a potentially vast low-end market

(B) Indian telecom service providers have started looking at bundled device-plus-data plans to suit pockets at a low price-point

(C) Aakash suffers from poorly conceived specifications, unrealistically grandiose plans, and massive time and cost overruns

(D) There is a digital divide that cripples Indian students from low-income backgrounds

Ans: D


  • The thrust of the passage is the openness that Aakash has entailed for low-income families to provide educational tools to their children. It ends with saying “The initial premise remains valid.” ‘There is a …’ fits because it talks about the digital divide that harms low-income households, a divide that Aakash seeks to plug.
  • ‘Hardware manufacturers …’ is related but not the answer since the focus is on hardware manufacturers. ‘Indian telecom …’ similarly looks at Indian telecom providers. In both of these sentences, the premise is not discussed. ‘Aakash suffers …’ is irrelevant since it is critical of Aakash
  • ‘There is a digital divide that cripples Indian students from low – income backgrounds.’

Hence option There is a digital divide that cripples Indian students from low-income backgrounds

Q: 33. If A s paternal grandmother s husband is B s maternal uncle s father, then how is A s father related to B s father?

(A) Brother

(B) Son in law

(C) Father-in-law

(D) Brother-in-law

Ans: D


A՚s paternal grandmother՚s husband is A՚s paternal grandfather who is B՚s maternal uncle՚s father i.e.. , he is also B՚s mother՚s father. This means A՚s father in son and B՚s father is son in law of same person hence A՚s father is brother-in-law of B՚s father.

Hence Brother-in-law

Q: 34. Given below are four sequentially ordered statements? Each statement can be classified as one of the following:

Facts, which deal with pieces of information that one has heard, seen, or read, and which are open to discovery or verification (the answer option indicates such a statement with an F) .

Inferences, which are conclusions drawn about the unknown, based on the known (the answer option indicates such a statement with an I) .

Judgments, which are opinions that imply approval or disapproval of persons, objects, situations, and occurrences in the past, the present or the future (the answer option indicates such a statement with a J) .

1. There are thousands of people today in Bhikiwind, the ancestral village of Sarabjit Singh.

2. Sarabjit, an Indian prisoner, died in a Pakistan hospital yesterday after being brutally attacked in a Lahore jail last week.

3. There is much anger among Indians over Sarabjit՚s death.