CAT Model Paper 8 Questions and Answers with Explanation Part 5

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Answer the questions based on the information given.

Radha-Govind B School has 5 branches, Ashoknagar (A) , Belapur (B) , Chhattisgarh (C) , Laxminagar (L) & Indra Puri (I) . In all these campuses, the B School take students through RAT, Radha-Govind Ability Test. Following table provides partial information on the percentage weight ages assigned to each of the parameter that they consider for their final selection (along with the score a candidate may get for each of the parameter) :

Q_28-To-30_Table of the Score a Candidate May Get for Each of the Parameter
Work Experience 10?201010
Extra-Curricular Activities [Individual: 1, Team Activity: 2]50?55
Rat Result 403040??
Group Discussion [Scale 1 - 5]151520?15
Personal Interview [Scale 1 - 5]?15101510

For final selection, candidates are ranked based on the overall weighted score, which is the weighted average of the scores obtained in different parameters. Percentile of a person is defined by expressing the number of candidates behind that person as a percentage of the total number of candidates While collating the result, the B school observed something strange. In each campus, same set of candidates got the top 10 rank. The following table describes profiles of those10 candidates:

Q_28-To-30_1_Table of the Describes Profiles of Those 10 Candidates
Academic RecordWork ExpExtra-CurricularRatGDPI
Ravi65 %0.5Basket ball9134
Kiran78 %4.2Hockey8245
Pragya69 %6.3Cricket7932
Varun56 %2.9Football8635
Naushad84 %3.6Cricket8954
Alia81 %4.6Book Reading9723
Thomas59 %5.2Cricket8353
Bharti92 %1.6Gardening8235
Peter80 %2.8Poetry9243
Nusrat76 %3.5Coin Collection8455

Q: 28. What is the difference between the weighted score of Ravi and Nusrat for the Ashoknagar campus?

(A) 25

(B) 3.75


(D) None of these

Ans: C


let՚s consider the following table:

Q_28_Table of Find the Weighted Score
ParametersRavi՚s scoreNusrat՚s scoreRavi՚s weighted scoreNusrat՚s Weighted
A (20)234060
W (10)121020
E (5)21105
C (40)3212080
G (15)354575
P (10)454050
Overall weighted score 2.652.9

Q: 29. For Laxminagar campus, if extra-curricular activities carry the least weightage, then what is the range of the weighted score of Alia and Peter?

(A) Alia


(C) Alia:

(D) None of these

Ans: B


The parameter-wise score of ALIA and PETER looks as follows:

Q_29_Table of Parameter-Wise Score
Academic RecordWork ExpExtra- CurricularCATGDPI

Now, since Alia՚s RAT score is more than her GD score & for Peter, it՚s just the reverse, hence, for Alia՚s minimum weighted score, RAT result & GD should carry weightage of respectively, which would also give Peter՚s maximum score. For getting Alia՚s maximum & Peter՚s minimum score, the weightages have to be reversed.

Alia՚s maximum score of

Alia՚s minimum score

Peter՚s maximum score

Peter՚s minimum score

Q: 30. Assuming, a total of 1000 students appear in Belapur campus, what is Bharti՚s percentile in that campus?





Ans: D


Based on the data, the following table gives the weighted score of each candidate for Belapur campus:

Q_30_Table of Weighted Score
Academic RecordWork Exp (15)Extra- Curricular (0)Rat (30)GD (15)PI (15)Total weighted score

Hence, 5 persons are above Bharti. Thus, Bharti՚s percentile percentile.