How to Prepare for Exams at Home: Take Mock Test and Know the Exam Pattern

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  • As per the current situation of the market the studies are going to be online and at home only. The most common question that will rise in future in minds of the students is- How can we prepare for the CAT at home? The most common answer is online study … . But the one who is not able or not wants to prepare online then what should he/she do? Now the one and only option is study material and mock tests.
  • Here are some important tips to guide the students those who wants to study at home and prepare for the examination.

Take Mock Test

  • Before beginning your CAT preparation, the first step would be to take a mock test to judge where you actually stand. CAT 2019 topper Lakshya Kumar, started his preparation of CAT by taking a mock test to find out his base level. According to him, by taking mock tests a candidate will be able to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, topper Ankit Desai appeared in around 40 mock test of CAT in order to understand his mistakes and areas where he needed to focus.
  • Through CAT mock tests, candidates will get an idea about the difficulty level of the paper, how they can navigate between the three different sections. Along with that, candidates will be familiarized with the amount of effort they need to put in each section for scoring well.
  • Remember that in CAT candidates will have to answer the Non-MCQs where they will have to read the passage and select the sequence which is best. Mock tests also provide the options to review the questions. Mock tests of CAT will be like real examination, whereby each section will have sectional timings.

Know the Exam Pattern

  • Once done with analyzing what all you need to know on how to prepare for CAT without coaching through mock test, you need to check the exam pattern as well as the syllabus of CAT. As per the generic exam pattern of CAT, the question paper has 100 questions in total and the exam is conducted in online mode. Candidates are required to answer the questions within the sectional timing allotted. Many toppers focused on understanding and finishing syllabus to ensure accuracy and then focused on increasing his problem solving accuracy.
  • A total of three sections of Quantitative ability, Verbal ability and reading comprehension, Data interpretation & logical reasoning form the CAT question paper. Prepare a sectional strategy on how and when to start preparation of CAT for each section.

Time Management

  • Ronit Banerjee CAT 2019 topper said, “Candidates should spend a lot of their time analyzing the shortcut methods.” Make time management you priority. It is not just preparing Verbal Ability or Reasoning or Quantitative Ability but preparing for all sections together with proper time management. Attempting all questions accurately within the time allotment of 60 minutes to each section is comparatively difficult if you do not the tricks of solving questions easily.
  • Candidates should focus on dissecting rigorously their robustness.

Create Study Groups

  • Be socially active and try to find the people who are like-minded and equally motivated to crack CAT 2020 as you are without the help of coaching articles. A good company can make or break the results. Hence, it is advisable that candidates must try to actively seek out people who are or have already appeared in CAT exams.
  • By taking part in groups of like minds, new topics and discussions will be helpful during the exam time. It is not always necessary that all candidates are involved in self-preparation. Those who have joined coaching classes can help others. Queries and basic issues can be answered and resolved with the help of other team members. Study group members may motivate each other and breed a healthy environment rather than pulling each other՚s legs.

Get the Right Study Material

  • The market is flooded with ample CAT preparation study material. Those who are preparing without coaching must keep an eye on which are the best books, question banks, preparation notes, sample papers etc. by top authors.
  • Search for the books that are rich in content rather than heavy as per the quantity. While preparing for CAT 2020 exam always go for quality rather than quantity books.
  • Try to find out the best books for CAT preparation and start your preparation after checking the exam pattern and syllabus.

Use the Technology

Just because you are not going to any coaching classes does not limit your access to the internet. Browse throughout and make use of Google services. Try to figure out which are the best educational sites which can assist and upgrade your CAT preparation efforts. Numbers of YouTube bloggers are available at these times, who explain each and every topic of CAT syllabus in lucid language. Ronit Banerjee said that he used the internet and prepared through various preparation sites. Clear your concepts by learning new methods of solving questions from the internet.

Be Motivated & Have Faith in Yourself

Although not directly, but this factor is of utmost importance as it acts as a guiding force in any area. Make yourself motivated by adding a positive sticky note in front of your desk. Check the same on daily basis and make yourself positive. Notes could be “I can clear CAT with good marks” , “I will get a call from IIM” or anything that inspires you. According to topper Ankit Desai, who scored 99.9 percentile in CAT said that the major factor of clearing CAT is constant self-motivation.