Reading Comprehension: Key Tips for the Reading Comprehension

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  • According to the syllabus of the CAT exams the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) has the weightage of 24 % all over. As the verbal ability has the more importance in the CAT examination thus to solve the comprehension is very important. And to solve the comprehension the proper tips are provided here. A candidate should follow the proper tips to crack the 24 marks of the reading comprehension. Below here the tips regarding the comprehension has been given-
  • According to CAT preparation experts and past toppers, a candidate needs to begin his/her preparation for VARC much earlier than for other sections. The Reading comprehension in VARC section has become more dominating during the past few years.

Key Tips for the Reading Comprehension

  • Make it the regular practice to read the editorials, articles in the newspaper.
  • Underline the difficult words-search out their meanings and put them to use in writing, in conversation etc. Tests have shown that the number of unfamiliar words in a passage, if exceeds about one in twenty, the reader will lose track. If the proportion is lower, the reader may skip over the unfamiliar words and grasp, at least the general meaning.

Number and Types of questions asked in Reading Comprehension-Here is the list of types of questions asked in RC section in the exam of CAT including the key features of the same-

Key Tips for the Reading Comprehension
CAT 2020 – Type of RC based questionsExpected number of questionsKey features
Reasoning type of questions4 - 5Statement, Assumption, True-False, Inference, Judgment
Vocabulary based Questions5 - 6Explaining the similar meaning of the word/phrase used in the RC passage
Opposite Meaning questions2 - 3Picking out the answer option with the opposite meaning of the word/phrase as used in the passage
Thought based3 - 4Summarizing the idea as expressed in the passage
Fact verification2 - 3Choosing the answer that agrees/disagrees with the idea expressed by the author
Key Tips for the Reading Comprehension

Above is the example of Comprehension. This type of comprehensions are asked in the CAT examination.