6 CAT Preparation Tips: Follow Exam Pattern and Syllabus, Mode of Preparation

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As everyone knows that the CAT entrance exams is toughest examination in the world. Many students apply for this exam every year. But only 2 % of the students crack this exam and get admission in IIM for the MBA course. CAT is important entrance exam for the MBA course to get admission in the IIM institute or any other top MBA University. Thus, there are 2 modes for the student to clear the CAT exam.

1. Prepare with Self Study with right CAT material, or

2. Prepare by joining a CAT coaching institute in offline or online mode.

To better understand the topic of preparation for the CAT the following 6 tips are suggested. By following these tips one can clear his or her mindset regarding the preparation of the CAT. For the better results one should follow the second method or the mixture of both the methods.

6 Tips of Preparation
6 Tips of Preparation

Tip No. 1- Follow Exam Pattern and Syllabus

As the syllabus of the CAT examination is very lengthy and difficult to understand. So, the one should follow the exam pattern of last few years. To understand the exam pattern is very necessary and following that pattern can lead one to crack the examination. One should decide the goal of the preparation i.e.. to decide the solving of papers and understanding the paper pattern of previous year. Here we are giving you the paper pattern and detail of the CAT examination.

Follow Exam Pattern and Syllabus
Total Number of Questions100
Total Marks300
Number of Sections3 (Verbal & Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude)
Duration of Exam180 minutes (60 minutes per section)
Medium of ExamEnglish
Number of Answer Choices4
Mode of ExamOnline
CAT Marking Scheme+ 3 marks for the correct answer -1 mark for an incorrect answer
Questions with Negative MarkingMCQs-70 to 75
Questions without Negative MarkingNON-MCQs- 25 to 30

Tip No. 2 - Mode of Preparation

Here students applying for the CAT have two options- either they do self-study or should go to the coaching class. But according to me they should prefer both self-study and coaching from the experts. As in this situation the coaching of an expert is very preferable. They can guide us in the difficult matters and can provide us the proper way to learn the syllabus. If the candidate chooses the self-study way then he has to choose the proper material, books or any other study material. And if the candidate chooses the option of coaching class them to find the trusted and proper is the utmost important for the student.

Tip No. 3 – Breaking down of Preparation

The candidates for better results can break down there preparation in many ways. For e. g. They can first prepare the whole syllabus and then can solve the previous papers. This method of breaking down the preparation can help the candidate in the better understanding of the syllabus. After that as prescribed that they should solve papers will increase their ability of writing the papers. Smart way to prepare for the CAT examination is to adopt the section wise strategy. There are sectional scores cut offs, hence it is necessary to score well in all the 3 sections. Detailed section wise study can lead a candidate to crack CAT in just one attempt as it is easy and preferable.

Tip No. 4 – Time Management for Preparation

Being a student, one should how manage the time for the preparation. As the preparation is the most important part of the exam, without preparation one is not able to crack this kind of difficult exam. Thus, for this proper time management is also important. One should know how to manage his or her time and to take out the specific time for the preparation. The 3 months of the end are very important for the revision of the syllabus which is prepared in the previous year by the student. Even coaching institutes also suggest to do revision and solve papers in last three months. According to me the last three months ′ time management is the very important time management in the student ′ s life appearing for the CAT.

Tip No. 5 – Mock Test and Paper Solving

As prescribed before the paper solving is the activity which can increase the writing ability. The candidate should solve the mock tests and test his or her ability on their own. The mock test papers are also available online which can be get easily. Thus, online paper solving can be done to revise the topics and the whole syllabus. Through that we can also get habitual with the paper pattern and the sections of the exam papers. Because of solving the mock tests, the level of current preparation is known, and amount of hard work required is also known. The candidates can also solve the official mock tests papers released by IIM.

Tip No. 6 – Improving Verbal Skills and Mental Status

In CAT the verbal ability is must as in field of MBA everywhere the good command on our verbal skill is required. Verbal ability has become an integral component to test a candidate՚s hold on the language. Reading books and newspapers can help us to increase our vocabulary. We can get used to with some words which we don՚t use in our normal routine. Thus, mugging up used to with some words which we don՚t use in our normal routine. Thus, mugging up the rules is not the solution to increase our vocabulary skills.