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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I am completed my MBA but i want to study M.Tech. Is it possible. What is the procedure for CAT Exam

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    1 Answer

    You will have to prepare and appear for CAT, but if you are already MBA whats the use of appearing for CAT

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  • I wanna join CAT class in patna for the entrance exam 2017 can u suggest me something?

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    1 Answer

    For CAT preparation visit -

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  • sir i want to ask a question related to CAT exam

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    1 Answer

    For CAT preparation and practice questions we recommend that you go through -

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  • I m student of b tech 2 year. I want to qualify cat exam. During my 4 year the prepration of cat exam is possible.

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    1 Answer

    Yes definitely you have a long time to prepare for CAT. You must refer

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