CAT: Fields of Scientific Studies H

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Fields of Scientific Study: H

  • Hydrography: Study of investigating bodies of water
  • Hydrokinetics: Study of motion of fluids
  • Hydrology: Study of water resources
  • Hydrometeorology: Study of atmospheric moisture
  • Hydropathy: Study of treating diseases with water
  • Hyetology: Science of rainfall
  • Hygiastics: Science of health and hygiene
  • Hygienics: Study of sanitation; health
  • Hygiology: Hygienics; study of cleanliness
  • Hygrology: Study of humidity
  • Hygrometry: Science of humidity
  • Hymnography: Study of writing hymns
  • Hymnology: Study of hymns
  • Hypnology: Study of sleep; study of hypnosis
  • Hypsography: Science of measuring heights

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