CAT: Fields of Scientific Studies T

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Fields of Scientific Study: T

  • Topology: Study of places and their natural features
  • Toponymics: Study of place-names
  • Toreutics: Study of artistic work in metal
  • Toxicology: Study of poisons
  • Toxophily: Love of archery; archery; study of archery
  • Traumatology: Study of wounds and their effects
  • Tribology: Study of friction and wear between surfaces
  • Trichology: Study of hair and its disorders
  • Trophology: Study of nutrition
  • Tsiganology: Study of gypsies
  • Turnery: Art of turning in a lathe
  • Typhlology: Study of blindness and the blind
  • Typography: Art of printing or using type
  • Typology: Study of types of things

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