CAT: Medical Inventions

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SNoNameMedical Inventions
1Ronald RoseMalaria Parasite
2Salk, Jonas E.Anti-polio Vaccine
3Simpson and HarrisonChloroform
5BantingInsulin (as a palliative for diabetes)
6Barnard, ChristianReplacing the human heart
7Brahmachari, U. N.Cure of Kala-a-zar fever
8DavyIsolation of metals by electricity; studied properties of chlorine
9DomagkSulpha drugs as bactericides
10EijkmanCause of Beri-Beri
11FinsenDiscovered curative effect of ultra violet rays; photography
12Fleming, AlexanderPenicillin (in 1929)
13HarveyCirculation of blood
14HahnemannHomoeopathy (founder)
15Hopkins, Frederick GowlandVitamin D
16JennerSmallpox Vaccination
17KochTubercle Bacillus
19Lister, LordAntiseptic treatment
20Pasteur, LouisTreatment of rabies; cure of hydrophobia

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