CAT: General Studies: Branches of Science

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BranchConcerning Field
AeronauticsScience of flight of airplanes
AstronomyStudy of heavenly bodies
AgronomyScience dealing with crop plants
angiologyDeals with the study of blood vascular system
AnthologyStudy of flowers
AnthropologyStudy of apes and man
ApicultureHoney industry (Bee Keeping)
AraneologyStudy of spiders
BatracologyStudy of frogs
BiochemistryDeals with the study of chemical reactions in relation to life activities
BiotechnologyDeals with the use of micro-organism in commercial processes for producing fine chemicals such as drugs, vaccines, hormones, etc, on a large scale
CardiologyStudy of heart
CraniologyStudy of skulls
CryptographyStudy of secret writing
CryogenicsStudy concerning with the application and uses of very low temperature
CytologyStudy of cells
DermatologyStudy of skin
EcologyThe study of relationship between organisms and environment
EntomologyStudy of insects
EtiologyStudy of cause of disease
EugenicsStudy of improvement of human race by applying laws of heredity. It is related with future generations
EvolutionDeals with the study of origin of new from old
ExbiologyDeals with life or possibilities of life beyond the earth
FloricultureStudy of flower yielding plants
GeologyStudy of condition and structure of the earth
GeneticsStudy of heredity and variations
GerontologyStudy of growing old
GynaecologyStudy of female reproductive organ
HorticultureStudy of garden cultivation
HaematologyStudy of blood
HepatologyStudy of liver
IconographyTeaching by pictures and models
ImmunologyScience which deals with the study of resistance of organisms against infection
JurisprudenceScience of law
KalologyStudy of human beauty
LexicographyCompiling of dictionary
MycologyStudy of fungi
MyologyStudy of muscles
NephrologyStudy of kidneys
NeurologyStudy of nervous system
NumismaticsStudy of coins and medals
ObstetricsBranch of medicine dealing with pregnancy
OneirologyStudy of dreams
OphthalmologyStudy of eyes
OrnithologyStudy of birds
OsteologyStudy of bones
PalaeontologyStudy of fossils
PhilatelyStamp collecting
PhilologyStudy of language
PhoneticsConcerning the sound of a spoken language
PhysiographyNatural phenomenon
PedologyStudy of soils
PathologyStudy of disease causing organisms
PhycologyStudy of algae
PhysiologyScience dealing with the study of functions of various parts of organisms
PiscicultureStudy of fish
PomologyStudy of fruits
SeismologyStudy of earthquakes
SericultureSilk industry (culture of silk moth and pupa)
SerpentologyStudy of snakes
TelepathyCommunication between two minds at a distance with the help of emotions thoughts and feelings
TaxonomyStudy of classification of organisms
VirologyStudy of virus

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