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Common Aptitude Test exams for the year 2014 are presently going on in India, with one exam already done on November 16th and another lined up to be held on November 22nd November. Around 2.06 Lac applicants registered this time to sit for the 2 hours 50 minutes managerial test to get into their dream Business College. If you are one of those people who will soon be over with all parts of the exam, you must know the importance of a good CAT Score, and how it can change your life.

By now, through your practice and/or first-hand trial at the exam you must have got the idea of how the Common Aptitude Test exam is one of the most difficult and glorious managerial exams of India. Getting into a good institute and then job becomes easier when you have a good CAT Score. However, it would mean nothing if you make wrong decisions related to institutes, programs etc. Therefore, use the time before you start applying for colleges wisely to get a clarity on these things.

The time between declaration of results and filling up of college applications is the most crucial one for every Masters’ student. This is the time you have to make the most of in order to guarantee a successful future. Factors that you should consider in this time period can vary from which colleges to apply to how to prepare for college’s internal selection criteria. Here is a list of things you should take into consideration before you start applying in colleges on the basis of your CAT scores:

  1. Make a list of colleges: Make a list of a mixed category of colleges on the basis of your test score. Don’t just aim for the IIMs, keep an option of going for alternates too. Having a broad horizon in terms of institutes will help you in getting placed in a good managerial institute on time. Factors such as placement records, faculty etc. will make it easier for you to decide.
  2. Prepare for the internal selection process: This in between time is the most crucial one for any MBA aspirant. Use this time carefully to prepare for college’s group discussion and interview process. As, no matter how well you score, the chances of getting in your dream college lowers if you perform badly in the internal selection process.
  3. Work on your inter personal skills: A very important part of MBA is need of interpersonal skills. Almost all projects or activities you will get as part of your curriculum would include group work. In order to excel in them, strong inter personal skills are mandatory.
  4. Be informed about the preferred course: If you have a preferred course, that you want to go for in your MBA program, gather real time information about it. Know about the latest industry trends and solutions to problems if any. Having such information might come in handy in the time of interview.

Following these tips after the CAT results are out, will help you come one step closer to a great future. What you need to remember is that the hard work will not end with the exam, it will and should be continued till you get admission in a good college.

-By Tripti Rai

- Published/Last Modified on: November 18, 2014

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