IIM Indore

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IIM Indore Introduction

IIM indore is one of the top six Indian Institutes of Management, IIM Indore is the youngest. It basically has an ultimate aim of giving rise to some of the best managers for various different industries, IIM Indore is well enriched with state of the art infrastructure and the most renounced faculties. IIM Indore is also very famous for the delighting beautiful campus and student activities as much as for its lucrative placements records. For enhancing the overall personalities of the budding managers, the education system at IIM Indore is cemented with strong theoretical foundation and replete with practical activities. Along with participating in various interest clubs, students at IIMI also run most of the other things in the campus through the Student՚s Welfare Activities Council i.e.. . SWAC. All the efforts are being put in IIM Indore to give rise to capable managers who can maintain the organizations effectively.

Programmes at IIM Indore

The two-years postgraduate programme in management is a very crucial programme in IIM Indore, The institute provides other different management programmes. The management Development programmes of IIM Indore will be continue the entire year and aim to develop, enhance and enrich the managerial skills of the students from all the sectors of the industry. The executive postgraduate programme is an eighteen months programme and is basically for working executives. The institute provides Fellow programme in management and induce research work in the managerial field. IIM indore also provides six months General Management Programme for Defence Officers and some Management Programmes based on BroadBand.

Admission at IIM Indore

For getting admission into the postgraduate programme of IIM Indore, It will be based on the performance of the candidates in the exams like CAT or GMAT, and on the basis of group discussions and personal interviews. The academic record, desired work experience and various different factors are also kept in mind in the process of selecting the candidates.

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