IIM Kozhikode

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The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode or IIMK was instituted by the Indian Government in collaboration with the State Government of Kerala. It must be noted that IIM-K is the 5th Indian Institute of Management. Just like other institutes of IIM family, this institute has also attained similar reputation worldwide for academic excellence and expertise. It desires to maintain international standards in all of its academic activity. The ultimate goal of IIM Kozhikode is to rise as an internationally renounced fully integrated management institute of higher learning. It organises various academic activities regarding the management education comprising research, teaching, training, consulting and intellectual infrastructure development to enhance the management systems in India.

IIMK Admissions

Admission to the PGP Programme at IIM Kozhikode

The post Graduate Programme in Management is the most crucial educational programme with an ultimate aim of moulding and shaping the senior level executives in industry as well as in other sections. The time duration for this programme is two years.

The programme basically focuses on the integration of knowledge inspite of only imparting it. The admission procedure for the PGP programme is organised through a highly rigorous internationally acclaimed admission test-CAT, which has an average selection rate of less than one in hundred candidates. The candidates who are giving CAT, Ultimately become eligible for the PGP programme in IIM Kozhikode.

Admission to the FPM Programme at IIM Kozhikode

Fellow Programme in Management, doctoral programme of IIMK has began in year 2007 − 08. The programme has been initiated to put proper focus on top quality research in the area of management education. The FPM of IIM Kozhikode works with an objective of developing top quality research fellows and faculty resources for academic institutions comprising all the IIMs. The time duration of the programme is 4 years, though it must be noted that it can be finished any time after the completion of 3 years.

IDL Programme at IIM Kozhikode

Interactive Distance Learning i.e.. . IDL Programme is basically a platform through which the practicing managers, who are not in position to join its long duration education programme, may enhance their managerial competencies. IDL programmes are in nature of modules and one can attain expertise in one or two areas. The admission to IDL programmes is done through nationwide entrance test. Participants can get relevant knowledge and skills through its inbuilt flexibility.

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