IIM Lucknow

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Information Regarding Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow also known as IIM-L was established in the year 1984 by the Indian government, in the outskirts of

historical and culturally renounced city of Lucknow. The ultimate aim of IIM-L is to function as a national level school of excellence in management sciences. IIM-L organises various academic activities and interventions to ensure creation, dissemination, and application of management knowledge and practices. This effort helps IIM-L to reach near completing its mission that is aimed at making IIL-M, “a global, socially conscious and integrated school of management, contributing towards the management development both in India and abroad.” Time to time, IIM-L enters into the joint arrangements with the most leading business schools and research centers in India, Canada, Europe, South and South-east Asia.

Programme at IIM Lucknow

PGP Programme at IIM Lucknow

Post Graduate programme in Management is the flagship Programme of IIM-L. The programme has an objective of preparing the senior level executives in industry and also in other sections. The time duration for this programme will be of two years. This programme focuses on the understanding and assimilation of knowledge inspite of only imparting it. The admission into PGP programme is done through a highly complex and globally acclaimed admission test i.e.. . CAT, which has an average selection rate of less than one in hundred candidates. The candidates who are appearing for CAT are ultimately eligible for the PGP programme in IIM Lucknow.

WMP Programme at IIM Lucknow

It is organised at Noida campus of IIM-L, Post-Graduate Programme in Business Management for Working Managers i.e.. . WMP is a well designed programme for working executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, who want to enrich their managerial skills and competencies in a formal setting while continuing work in their ongoing professions or businesses. The admissions will be done through a competitive written examination organised by IIM Lucknow at NOIDA or New Delhi on Sunday, April 20,2008. The written examination will be organised on the same pattern of CAT of IIMs.

FMP Programme at IIM Lucknow

The Fellow Programme in Management (FMP) is the doctoral programme of the IIMs. Giving maximum emphasis on extensive research, this programme prrovides a platform for inter-disciplinary education and research in management. It works for an ultimate aim of producing top quality research fellows and faculty resources for leading academic institutes and management experts and thinkers for business organization, industry, government and society for both local and international markets. Regarding IIM-L, the areas of specialization will be Decision Sciences (Operations Research or Statistics) , Economics, Finance, and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Systems, Marketing, Operations Management and Strategic Management.