Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

CBSE UGC NET Geography Paper 3 June 2009

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Note: This section contains five (5) questions based on the following paragraph. Each question should be answered in about thirty (30) words and carries five (5) marks.

Read the following paragraph and answer the following question:

In the 1980s areal differentiation made a comeback as a central perspective for Human Geography. The revival is neither directly connected to older debates such as those between Hartschone or his critics nor is it monolithic. There are at least three specific intellectual positions in the revival, none of which uses the same concepts or vocabulary as the others. The first stream is Humanistic Geography. Its focus is on the social construction of soace and on ‘place’ as the setting for human action. This has given rise to an interest in the relationship between specific geographical context and social life. The second source of revival has come from the analysis of the geography of capitalism by geographers working within the Marxist perspective. These geographers explain uneven development of economic activities and social wellbeing as an outcome of political and economic relationships of dominance and dependence which exist it society.

The third source of influence comes from attempts to create contextual theory in Social Science. The contextual approach considers places and regions important in the production of society. This approach attempts to show, (a) how time and space (place, region) create the scontexts in which human actions can be explained; and (b) how place or region mediate between ‘Human Agency’ and social structure. Human Agency connotes the capability, intention and actions of ‘Human Agent’. Human Agents can be individuals or other than individuals (companies, corporation, states etc….)

1. What are the main features of the new debate on areal differentiation initiated in the 1980s?

2. What is the main theoretical thrust in Humanistic Geography?

3. How have the Marxist Geographers explained spatial variations in economic activities?

4. What is the role of time and space in explaining human actions in contextual theory?

5. What do you understand by ‘Human Agency’?

6. Name the factors controlling process of weathering.

7. What is the process of desertification?

8. What are the factors affecting wind.

9. How does the stable air differ from the unstable air?

10. Name factors affecting density of sea water.

11. What do you understand by ‘environmental hazards’?

12. What are the components of G.I.S?

13. What is standard deviation?

14. Explain the concept of ‘Suburbanization’

15. Differentiate between crop – combination and crop – diversification.

16. Name and describe five indicators of infrastructure Development.

17. Distinguish between a Formal Region and a Functional Region.

18. Explain connectivity – index.

19. Given land – use categories of Multiple – Nuclei theory.

20. What is meant by Mackinder’s concept of Midland Basin?


Note: This section contains five (5) questions of twelve (12) marks each. Each question is to be answered in about two hundred (200) words.

21. Explain the model of parallel retreat of slopes.

22. Describe the characteristics of mountain ecosystem.

23. Cotton cultivation in India generally coincides with the distribution of Regur soils (Black soils), explain.

24. Explain the role of multiplicity of religion and languages in creating social tensions in India.

25. ‘Dwelling places’ are an expression of cultural and physical environment. Comment with reference to tribal settlements of India.


Note: This section consists of one essay type question of forty(40) marks to be answered in about one thousand (1000) words on any of the following topics.

26. Bring out the relationship between Human activities and global warming. OR

Discuss the role of monsoons on India’s agro – economy. OR

Examine he relationship between Population, Development and Environment