CBSE (UGC) NET Paper 1 Communication and Technology: Characteristics Of Communication

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Features of Communication

Communication can be explained as a systemic process, Where people interact with the help of symbols to integrate and interpret meanings. In the definition of communication three crucial points has been covered.

Process: Communication is a process, which means that it is ongoing and always in motion. It's difficult to quote when a communication process starts and when it stops because what happened before we talk with someone may influence our interaction and what happened in a specific interaction may affect the future, communication process is always in motion, moving forward and changing frequently. We cannot stop communicating at any point of time, Hence it is a continuous process. It is not stagnant in nature so it is a dynamic process.

Systemic: Communication occurs within a definite system. A system comprises of various inter-related components that influence one another. If we consider a classroom communication, teacher and each student is part of the system. Also, the physical environment and the time of day are elements of the system that affect interaction. The history of a system also influences communication. If a student has a history of listening sensitively and working out problems then he or she will be in a better mode of communication.

On the other side, if a student has a record of conflicts and internal disputes, Then he or she might face problems while communicating in a classroom. Communication is also influenced by the larger systems within which it occurs. Symbolic communication is done through symbols. It depends on symbols, which are abstract, arbitrary, arid ambiguous representations of information. Always keep in mind that human communication consists of interaction with words spoken or written and through symbols.

Meanings: At last, The definition throws right on meanings, which acts as the heart of the entire communication process. Meanings are the significance and focuses on the phenomenon. We can not consider meanings in experience only, Rather we use symbols to form meanings.

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