CBSE (UGC) NET Paper 1 Higher Education: Vocational Courses Covered Under Apprentices Act 1961

Vocational Courses included Under Apprentices Act 1961 are stated below


  1. Poultry Production

  2. Fisheries or Fish Processing

  3. Dairying

  4. Sericulture

  5. Apiculture

  6. Floriculture

  7. Plant Protection

  8. Agricultural Ctiemicals

  9. Inland Fisheries

  10. Plantation Crops and Management

  11. Seed Production Technology

  12. Swine Production

  13. Vegetable Seed Production

  14. Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Industry

  15. Sheep and Goat Husbandry

  16. Repair and Maintenance of Power Driven

Farm Machinery

  1. Veterinary Pharmacist-cum-Artificial Insemination Assistant

  2. Agro Based Food Industry (based on animals)

  3. Agro Based Food Industry (based on crops)

  4. Agro Based Food Industry (based on food)