CBSE (UGC) NET Paper 1 Research and Teaching Aptitude: Characteristics of outstanding teacher

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Characteristics and Attributes of a Outstanding Teacher

  1. Teacher must be fit i.e.. Mentally and physically.

  2. Teacher must be well engrossed in his work and must possess zeal and potential to keep his knowledge updated.

  3. He must be calm in terms of nature and have patience, tolerance and should focus on the difficulties and problem of students and invest proper efforts in seeking the desirable answer of a particular problem.

  4. He must have the feelings of mankind and sympathy.

  5. He must not be conservative and biased regarding his students and class.

  6. He must be well dressed and subtle.

  7. His voice must be calm, polite and possess clarity.

  8. His language must be clear so that students can understand it well.

  9. He must not give any false promise to students.

  10. He or she must have interest in his profession and knowledge must be well updated.

  11. He must not indulged into any kind of bad habit.

  12. Teacher must have outstanding soft and communication skills, Hence must have a command in his scope of teaching.

  13. Teacher must be well equipped with different methods of teaching.

  14. He must aware about the child psychology and behaviour.

  15. Teacher must be a outstanding researcher.

  16. He must have a control over students to enhance peace and order in class.

  17. Teaching must be done by keeping the students in mind rather than subject centres, students must be given an opportunity to compare two or more sets of facts. This will enhance their understanding level of lesson and they can easily compare and observe facts.

  18. Teacher must arose the interest among students regarding the subject.

  19. Teacher must be reasonable in case of grading and marking.

  20. Teacher must conduct extra curricular exercises for the thorough understanding of subject matter.

  21. Outstanding interpersonal relationship must be enriched.

  22. Rewards and punishments must be given as per their behavior but generally punishment must be avoided, one should rather focus on moral ways.

  23. Teacher must knows the application of modern techniques, methods and gadgets in teaching for better understanding.

  24. Teacher must rise curiosity in the minds of students by representing the subject matter in an advanced manner with remarkable explanation, ultimately it will leads to more advanced knowledge.

  25. Teacher must arrange subject matter in a systematic sequence.

  26. Teacher must make a lesson schedule and time table before presenting the lesson in the class, to avoid confusion.

  27. Teacher must act as a leader of class.

  28. Teacher must cultivate a democratic atmosphere in the class so that every student can share his doubt, questions and ideas with suggestion.

  29. Teacher must become a role model for his students with character and attitude. He can implement the rule of “simple living and great thinking”

  30. Teacher must try to become an inspirational figure in front of the students.

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