CBSE (UGC) NET Paper 1 Research and Teaching Aptitude

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Classroom Interaction

Communication in a classroom between a student and a teacher is thoroughly dependent on the atmosphere induced by the teacher. He should be able to bring the bendiness of friendship with a definite degree of firmness. The interaction must be smooth and pleasant without any friction for a complete and fruitful teaching learning process. Generally verbalisM'takes place in the name of teaching. Students are expected only to listen to the explanation and lectures delivered by the faculty, This is called direct teaching. The effectiveness of direct teaching has been questioned many times and it is found that such type of teaching is not very useful and helpful. To attain the exact meaning of effective teaching the active, participation of students is very crucial. This participation IS done through the classroom interaction.

The interaction comprises of explanations and lectures with students, suggestions, ideas, concepts and questions etc. These activities of students make crucial for making teaching learning process effective, democratic and friendly. Interaction is very vital regarding the rectification of the drawbacks of direct teaching. This interactive teaching can also be considered as indirect teaching. While interacting the teacher can wisely judge the capability and requirement of students and can make remarkable changes in their behavior as per the requirement and can also change way of teaching. I One of the most crucial thing ill classroom interaction is the communication. Communication will come in more detailed manner in UNIT-IV.

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