CBSE (UGC) NET Paper 1 Research and Teaching Aptitude: Qualities Of Teacher Context (Setting)

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Qualities of Teacher Context (Setting)

Earlier the schools were not designed successfully to teach all the students. But Nowadays their sole motto have been somehow reframed. Their new motto is ‘DO LEARN’ This stucture is dynamic and flexible, It keeps on changing with a viewpoint of making it more useful for the society rather than for an individual. Teaching is a very dyanamic process which is performed into different steps.

There are five main steps of teaching which are stated below-

  1. Preparation: This stage focuses on the preparation and shaping up of both the teacher and the students. The teacher induce the student for a new topic or a lesson in numerous ways.

  2. Presentation: This stage focuses on the actual beginning of a new lesson. The students know that what they are going to learn. The study material should be carefully arranged by the teacher. He has to encourage the students to observe, compare and contrast the. Facts presented to them. This stage calls for the mental alertness from the students. The presentation completely depends on the principle of selection of the area to be included. It is not necessary for a teacher to include all areas of the syllabus. He may assign some topics to the students as self-study.

  3. Comparison: This stage comes after the presentation of relevant subject matter.

  4. Generalization: This stage focuses on the comparison as well as analysis. Various types of conclusions can be made from the comparison and generalization. These conclusions are arranged in a specific manner.

  5. Application: This stage focuses on the generalized facts and their applications.

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