CBSE (UGC) NET Paper 1 Research and Teaching Aptitude: Introduction to Concept

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Research Aptitude

Research: A Research is the scientific and objective analysis as well as recording of controlled observations that contributes in the development of generalisations principles resulting in prediction and complete control of events. Scientific research is a systematic and objective attempt to give answers to various different questions. It is a crucial and essential tool that leads us towards the path of progress, A remarkable and symbolic research leads to progress in some area of life. Research takes birth because of curiosity in humans mind. Curiosity aroused to study movements, behaviour patterns and so on. We can elaborate research as “ideally, the careful unbiased investigation of a problem, based in so far as possible upon demonstrable facts and involving relevant distinctions, interpretations and generally some generalisations” Educational research is the study and investigation in the area of education or bearing upon educational problems. As research is an ongoing problem solving process, focuses and helps in integrating the objectives by analysis and comprehensive investigation.

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