CBSE (UGC) NET Paper 1 Research and Teaching Aptitude: Transmitting Barriers

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Transmitting Barriers

A teacher if started saying something in a class of deaf students by using words, it mill not make any sense among the students. Things that get in the way of message transmission are sometimes called “noise.” Communication may be difficult because of noise and some of these problems:

  1. Physical Hindrances. A loud noisy classroom is well enough to eliminate the essense of communication process. If a notes or something on board is not formatted properly, or if it contains grammatical and spelling errors, the receiver may not be able to put attention on the message as the physical appearance of the message is truly unprofessional.

  2. Conflicting Messages. Messages that causes a dispute in perception or thought for the receiver may result in incomplete communication. For example, if a teacher makes a request to his students to answer some questions quickly without giving the students enough time to assimilate the relevant information.

  3. Channel Barriers. If the sender chooses an irrelevant medium, communication may not reach in such a way, it is initially intended.

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