4 Videos to Solve Easy & Scoring Questions Guaranteed in CBSE-NET-2015- Get Started with NET Paper 1 [ CBSE NET-JRF Updates ]


Lets first start with direction and blood relation problems. Here is an example of direction problem (June 2015) - One day Prakash left home and walked 10 km towards south, turned right and walked 5 km, turned right and walked 10 km and turned left and walked 10 km. How many km will he have to walk to reach his home straight? Usually 1 question is asked in paper 1 based on the concept of either direction or blood relations. Watch the two videos to easily solve such questions - Solving Direction problems - 4 Simple Techniques and Fixing Blood Relations Problems with 3 Simple Tricks

Problems involving events happening together are found in all NET Papers, for example: 5 bells start tolling together and at intervals of 3, 7, 12, 5, and 10 seconds respectively. If they rang at 3: 00 PM when will they ring together again? The following video will enable you to quickly and effectively solve all such problems. Usually 1 - 2 questions are asked on this concept of LCM and HCF every time in NET Paper 1 examination - HCF and LCM - 3 Speed Tricks & 10 Typical Word Problems

1 - 3 problems involving concept of square of opposition are found in paper 1 every time. Students unaware of the concept of square of opposition find these scoring problems very hard and are typically unable to identify and solve such problems. Here goes an example - Among the following statements two are contradictory to each other. Select the correct code that represents them: Statements: (a) All poets are philosophers. (b) Some poets are philosophers. (c) Some poets are not philosophers. (d) No philosopher is a poet. Carefully watch this video to solve these very scoring problems - Concept of square of opposition - categorical propositions - contradictory, contrary, subcontrary and subalternation.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 1, 2015