CBSE NET Women Studies Paper 2 December 2015 - Solved Answer Key [ CBSE NET-JRF Updates ]


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Q. 1. Who was the first feminist to write on pornography?

(1) Ruth Vanita

(2) Carole Gilligam

(3) Miriam Shiver

(4) Susen Griffin

Answer: (4) Susen Griffin

Q. 2. Among the following liberal feminist who had the view that “ So long as a woman is permitted to enter and leave the labour market at will, she is fully liberated?

(1) J. S Mill

(2) Harriet Taylor

(3) Betty Friedan

(4) Elizabeth Holtzman

Answer: (1) J. S. Mill

Q. 3 Who made the statement “ Women are not powerless because they are feminine, rather they are feminine because they are powerless, because it is a way of dealing with the requirement of subordination”?

(1) Eve Ensler

(2) Sarojini Naidu

(3) Kath E Ferguson

(4) Sherry Ortner

Answer: (3) Kath E Ferguson

Q. 4 Who argued that “ The inferior position of women is attributed to the institution of private property”?

(1) Karl Marx

(2) Dalla Costa

(3) Clara Zetkin

(4) Engels

Answer: (4) Engels

Q5. What is covered in sexual harrasment at work place?

(a) Sexual comments

(b) Physical advances

(c) Demands for sexual favour

(d) Exposure to pronography

(1) a and

(2) a only

(3) b and c

(4) a, b, c and d

Answer: (4) a, b, c and d

Q6. In 2000 the UN security council passed resolution 1325 that call for:

(1) The exclusion of women from all combating forces, both in military and para military structures.

(2) The full and equal participation of women in all peace and security initiatives.

(3) Women’s equal participation in efforts of war

(4) The exclusion of men from all peace building processes.

Answer: (2) The full and equal participation of women in all peace and security initiatives.

Q. 7 Match List I and List II

List -I List II

(a) Indira Nooyi i MD and CEO ICICI Bank

(b) Naica LaL Kidwai ii Chairperson and CEO PEPSICO

(c) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw iii Country Head HSBC, India

(d) Chanda Kocher iv Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon Limited


a b c d

(1) i ii iii iv

(2) iii iv i ii

(3) ii iii iv i

(4) iv iii ii i

Answer: (3) ii iii iv i

Q. 8 Arrange the following in chronological order of their implementation:

(a) PCPNDT Act

(b) MTP Act

(c) Child Marriage Restraint Amendement Act

(d) Indecent Representation Act


(1) a, b, c, d

(2) c, a, b, d

(3) b, c, d, a

(4) d, c, b, a

Answer: (3) b, c, d, a

Q9. Male stereotypes projected in media include:

(a) Real man, successful

(b) Atheltic Mr. Muscle

(c) Seducer with beautiful women by his side

(d) Homosexual Man


(1) c and d only

(2) a, b and d

(3) a, b and c

(4) d only

Answer: (3) a, b and c

Q. 10. Match the following

List-I List-II

(a) National Policy on Older Person i 2001

(b) National Policy on Empowernment of Women ii 1986

(c) National Policy on Education iii 2014

(d) National Youth Policy iv 1999


a b c d

(1) iii iv ii i

(2) iv i iii ii

(3) iv i ii iii

(4) iii i ii iv

Answer: (3) iv i ii iii

Q. 11. Urban Work Force Participation Rate of Female in India (2011) is:

(1) 25%

(2) 17.8%

(3) 15.4%

(4) 29%

Answer: (3) 15.4%

Q. 12. Match the List -I and List II

List – I List - II

(1) Equal Protection of men and women i Act 16 (4)

(2) Prohibition of Discrimination on grounds of religion/caste/sex ii Act 16

(3) Prohibition of Discrimination at work place iii Act 15

(4) Provision of reservation in employment for backward class citizen iv Act 14



a b c d

(1) ii iii i iv

(2) iv iii ii i

(3) ii iii iv i

(4) iii iv i ii

Q. 13 Arrange Chronologically the following schemes/policy of Ministry of Women and Child Development:

(a) Ujjawala

(b) Support to training and Employment Programme

(c) National Mission for Empowerment of Women

(d) National Early Childhood Care and Education Policy


(1) a, b, c, d

(2) b, c, d, a

(3) a, b, d, c

(4) b, a, c, d

Answer: (4) b, a, c, d

Q. 14. Match List- I with List- II

List-I (Name of the Author) List -II (Name of the Book)

(a) Simon de Beauvoir i A vindication of the rights of women

(b) J. S Mill ii The Dialectic of Sex

(c) Mary Wollstone craft iii The Subjection of Women

(d) Shulmith Firestone iv The Second Sex

a b c d

(1) ii iii iv i

(2) ii iv i iii

(3) iv iii i ii

(4) iii i iv ii

Q. 15. Which of the following is correct?

(1) Sustainable Development Goals have 16 Goals and 159 Targets

(2) Sustainable Development Goals have 12 Goals and 167 Targets

(3) Sustainable Development Goals have 19 Goals and 169 Targets

(4) Sustainable Development Goals have 17 Goals and 169Targets

Answer: (4) Sustainable Development Goals have 17 Goals and 169Targets

Q. 16. Which countries have the highest ranks in Gender Related Development Index according to 2014?

(1) Scandinavian Countries

(2) European Countries

(3) Asian Countries

(4) Latin American Countries

Answer: (1) Scandinavian Countries

Q. 17. Match the List- I with List II

(a) Foetus i Failure to conceive after at least one year of unprotected coitus

(b) Fertilization ii Product of Conception starting from completion of embryonic development untill birth or abortion

(c) Gamete iii Penetration of the ovum by the spermatozooon and fusion of genetic materials resulting in the development of zygote

(d) Infertility iv Oocytes and Sperms

a b c d

(1) iv iii ii i

(2) iii iv i ii

(3) ii iii iv i

(4) i ii iii iv

Answer: (3) ii iii iv i

Q. 18. Which of the following pair is not correctly matched?

(1) Neonatal Mortality – Death occuring the first four weeks after birth

(2) Perinatal Mortality – Death in the first week of life after birth

(3) Fetal Death - Death of foetus after 28 or more weeks of gestation

(4) Post Neonatal Death - Death between 28th day of life and first birthday

Answer: (3)

Q19. Corporate company’s sense of responsibiliy towards the community and enviornment is known as:

(1) Social Entrepreneurship

(2) Corporate Community Network

(3) Corporate Social Responsibility

(4) Corporate Community Responsibility

Answer: (3) Corporate Social Responsibility

Q. 20. Meira Paibi is?

(1) A movement

(2) A self-help group

(3) An association

(4) A terrorist group

Answer: (3) An association

Q. 21. Match the List- I and List II

(a) Rita Banarji - i Winner of Sahitya Akademi Award for literature

(b) Sarla Devi Choudarani- ii Founder of the 50 Million Missing Campaign

(c) Amrita Pritam- iii Founder of Bharat Stree Mahamandal

(d) Pandita Ramabai- iv Social Reformer in British India


a b c d

1 ii iii i iv

2iii ii iv i

3ii i iv iii

4 i ii iii iv

Answer: 1 ii iii i iv

Q. 22. Justice Verma Committee recomendations included:

(a) Voyerism is punishable with upto seven years in jail

(b) All marriages in India should be manadatorily be registered

(c) An eminent need to review the continuation of AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act)

(d) Any officer who fails to register a case of rape reported to her/him or attempts to about it’s investigation commits a punishable offence


(1) a, b, c and d

(2) b, c and d only

(3) c d and a only

(4) a and d only

Answer: (1) a, b, c and d

Q. 23. Development was first identified as a process of expanding freedoms equally for all people by:

(1) Heidi Harthmann

(2) Martha Nussbaum

(3) Amartya Sen

(4) Cassandra Balchin

Answer: (3) Amartya Sen

Q. 24. Which are the statutory bodies under the ministry of Women and Child Development?

(a) Rashtriya Mahila Kosh

(b) National Commission on women

(c) Central Social Welfare Board

(d) National Commission for protection of Child Rights


(1) b and d only

(2) a, b, c and d

(3) b, c and

(4) a, b and d only

Answer: (2) a, b, c and d

Q. 25. Suggested amendments to the compulsory registration of marriage by the NCW are:

(a) Suitable amendments the PCPNDT Act

(b) To explore the possibility of amending the Birth, Death and Marriages Registration Act 1886 in which provisions exist for voluntary registration of all marriages

(c) Suitable amendments of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955

(d) It could be molded on the provision of the parsee Marriage and Divorce Act 1936


(1) c and d only

(2) b and c only

(3) b, c and d

(4) a, b and c

Answer: (3) b, c and d

Q. 26. What is the name of scheme which was launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to combat Trafficking on 4th December 2007 and is being implemented mainly through NGO’s. The Scheme has five components- Prevention, Rescue, Rehabitation, Re; Integration and Repatriation of trafficked victims for commercial sexual exploitation.

(1) Ujjawala


(3) Swadhar

(4) Swa Shakti

Answer: (1) Ujjawala

Q. 27. Percentage increase in literacy rate in India among females from 2001 to 2011 census is:

(1) 15%

(2) 10%

(3) 22%

(4) 9%

Answer: (2)

Q. 28. Who was the author of the book “ A Decade of Women ’s Movement in India”

(1) Vandna Shiva

(2) Neera Desai

(3) Vina Mazumdar

(4) Bina Agarwal

Answer: (2) Neera Desai

Q. 29. Match the List-I with List -II

(a) Cybrog i Gayatri Spivak

(b) Transversal Politics ii Nira Yuval Davis

(c) Strategic Essentialism iii Patricia Hill Collins

(d) The Partiality of Stand Points iv Donn Haraways


a b c d

(1) i ii iii iv

(2) ii i iii iv

(3) iii iv ii i

(4) iv ii i iii

Answer: 4) iv ii i iii

Q. 30. Ministry of Women and Child Development Formulated the National Policy on Early Childhood Care and Education in?

(1) 2011

(2) 2012

(3) 2013

(4) 2014

Answer: (3) 2013

Q. 31. The one stop centres’ will be providing the following services to the victim of Gender Based Violence:

(a) Medical Assistance

(b) Police Assistance

(c) Finacial Assistance

(d) Counselling


(1) a and b only

(2) b, c and d

(3) a, b and d

(4) a and d

Answer: (3) a, b and d

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