CBSE UGC NET JRF December 2014 Paper 1 Solutions Part 1 of 4


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1. CSS stands for

(A) Cascading Style Sheets

(B) Collecting Style Sheets

(C) Comparative Style Sheets

(D) Comprehensive Style Sheets

Answer: A

2. MOOC stands for

(A) Media Online Open Course

(B) Massachusetts Open Online Course

(C) Massive Open Online Course

(D) Myrind Open Online Course

Answer: C

3. Binary equivalent of decimal number 35 is

(A) 100011

(B) 110001

(C) 110101

(D) 101011

Answer: A

4. gif, jpg, bmp, png are used as extensions for files which store

(A) Audio data

(B) Image data

(C) Video data

(D) Text data

Answer: B

5. Symbols A-F are used in which one of the following?

(A) Binary number system

(B) Decimal number system

(C) Hexadecimal number system

(D) Octal number system

Answer: C

6. Which one of the following is not a search engine?

(A) Google

(B) Chrome

(C) Yahoo

(D) Bing

Answer: B

7. In terms of total CO2 emissions from a country, identity the correct sequence:

(A) U.S.A. > China > India > Russia

(B) China > U.S.A. > India > Russia

(C) China > U.S.A. > Russia > India

(D) U.S.A. > China > Russia > India

Answer: B

8. Match List – I and List – II and identify the correct code:

a. World Health Day i.16th September

b. World Population Day ii. 1st December

c. World Ozone Day iii. 11th July

d. World AIDS Day iv. 7th April


a b c d

(A) i ii iii iv

(B) iv iii i ii

(C) ii iii iv i

(D) iii iv ii i

Answer: B

9. Which of the anthropogenic activity accounts for more than 2/3rd of global water consumption?

(A) Agriculture

(B) Hydropower generation

(C) Industry

(D) Domestic and Municipal usage

Answer: A

10. One of the anthropogenic sources of gaseous pollutants chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in air is

(A) Cement Industry

(B) Fertiliser industry

(C) Foam industry

(D) Pesticide industry

Answer: C

11. The maximum number of fake institutions / universities as identified by the UGC in the year 2014 are in the State / Union territory of

(A) Bihar

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Tamil Nadu

(D) Delhi

Answer: B

12. Which of the following institutions are empowered to confer or grant degrees under the UGC Act, 1956?

(1) A university established by an Act of Parliament.

(2) A university established by an Act of Legislature.

(3) A university / institution established by a linguistic minority.

(4) An institution which is a deemed to be university.

Select the correct answers from the codes given below: (A) 1 and 2 (B) 1, 2 and 3 (C) 1, 2 and 4 (D) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Answer: C

13. Which of the following are the tools of good governance?

1. Social Audit

2. Separation of Powers

3. Citizen’s Charter

4. Right to Information

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

(A) 1, 3 and 4

(B) 2, 3 and 4

(C) 1 and 4

(D) 1, 2, 3, and 4

Answer: D

14. The cyclone “Hudhud” hit the coast of which State?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Karnataka

(C) Kerala

(D) Gujarat

Answer: A

15. Which of the following is not a renewable natural resource?

(A) Clean air

(B) Fresh water

(C) Fertile soil

(D) Salt

Answer: D

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- Published/Last Modified on: December 29, 2014