Don’t Miss Out Paper 1 - Marks are Added Now


For all the aspirants appearing for December 2015 examination, its must to note that Paper 1 marks are added. So even if you are a master of your subject don’t miss out the race just because of Paper 1.

All the papers will be objective in nature. Paper 2 and Paper 3 will be the subject papers. Paper 1 will be compulsory for all and covers a broad aspect of questions like research, teaching, higher education, mental ability, reasoning, basics of polity, computers and geography. Its definitely hard to master all these subjects at one go. So it’s best to chalk out a framework that will help you prepare for paper 1.

Some of the useful links will be

5 Tips a Must for All:

  • Wisely divide your time.
  • Don’t miss out practicing past papers
  • Work as per the syllabus mentioned
  • Never ever leave out a single topic
  • Practice and practice - The Key Winning Edge!

Wishing all the aspirants appearing for NET examination a very good go! Time is Precious! Start Now!

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- Published/Last Modified on: November 25, 2015