NET is Not Required for Candidates Who Has Registered for PhD/MPhil Before 2009


HRD Minister Smriti Irani has recently announced that candidates who have registered before July 11, 2009 will be released from appearing for NET (National Eligibility Test) for the post of assistant professor if they fulfill certain other conditions.

With this move will be benefited for Ph. D holders who had been affected by a UGC guideline that was set in 2009, making NET and Ph. D a minimum eligibility criteria for applying for assistant professor posts in colleges and universities.

This decision was taken by the government and UGC to overcome “a long-standing challenge faced by researchers/aspiring teachers. ”

Other conditions laid down by the UGC regarding the candidates according to newspaper reports are:

  • The Ph. D degrees should be awarded in regular mode only.
  • Thesis evaluation should be done by at least two external examiners
  • An open Ph. D viva voice of the candidate should be showed and there should be two research publications from his or her Ph. D work
  • At least two presentations in conferences or seminars
  • All accomplishments have to certify by the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dean (Academic Affairs) or Dean (University Instructions).

Additional developments and decisions:

  • Institutions of higher education that have less number of faculty members will get benefit by allowing many candidates to apply for teaching positions.
  • The difficulty related to Academic Performance Indicator (API) scores, on which behalf teachers are approved promotions, will be carried forth in public by next week, informed Irani
  • Women and Disabilities researchers will get more time to complete their research and:
  1. Additional year for M. Phil
  2. Two years more for Ph. D
  3. Maternity leave benefits for women, the maternity leave of 240 days would be left out from the duration of their research.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 14, 2016