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The Central Board of School Education (CBSE) organized National Eligibility Test (NET) on behalf of University Grants Commission on July 8th, 2018. NET exam comprises of two papers, first is the General paper and Second paper is on the major subject that the students opt for. The below analysis is on journalism and mass communication.

  • Paper II consisted of 100 objective type questions covering the complete portion from the major subject. This is the first time students took up one paper from the subject selected by them, so its not fair to compare the difficulty level or the questions with previous year’s. However, 50 % of the questions were said to be difficult and the rest were on the expected lines is the overall feedback from students in the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • Reading comprehension comprising of FIVE questions (2 marks each) were asked. Out of 5, 3 were direct in nature and the other 2 were to be read at least twice in order to find the right choice.
  • TEN questions were based on match the following that covered cinema, theories of communication, media laws, journalism and research methodology. Two questions from each module were asked.
  • More weight age was given to Assertion and Reasoning (AR). Total of FIFTEEN questions were asked in this type. But they were not as difficult as it is used to be. Usually, it would be difficult to even reciprocate AR, atleast 70 % of it. This time easily 80 % were understandable with an indepth reading, which is mandatory for this type of questions. A strong basic is one of the key factor to crack Assertion and Reasoning. This was divided equally among all modules. Public relations, journalism, ICT, cultural studies, media research, feminist studies and models of communication.
  • Another TEN questions that had a mix of chronological sequence from various units- 3 from Advertising, 1 cultural studies, 3 from broadcast media, 1 from research and 2 from print media. This is more a memory based questions for which candidates need to know the exact year or the history. Hence the level of difficulty in this was high.
  • Rest of the questions was the normal choose the best type from all units equally divided.
  • When we compare first paper and second paper, it is easy to predict the questions in first paper as its more a general paper that has current affairs, general knowledge etc. . But when it comes to the core subject, there is no way that one can predict. For example, all these years there were questions on the theorist, books written and the year it was released. Hence students would have learnt it this way only. But it was surprising to see a couple of questions about the context of the book it self. It simply means that by every passing year, NET demands a lot of learning. MHRD is trying to bring up the standard in teaching and research in India.

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