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The University Grants Commission (UGC) provided regulations on minimum qualification for appointment of teachers and other staff in universities and colleges. Ph. D. mandatory for Assistant Professors in universities, for colleges NET/SET/SLET is sufficient.

Image of University Grants Commission Criteria And Score

Image of University Grants Commission Criteria And Score

Image of University Grants Commission Criteria And Score

  • Minimum 55 % marks at the Masters level for direct teaching recruitment.

  • PhD mandatory for direct recruitment or for promotion as an associate professor with effect from 01.07. 2021 or promotion under CAS (Career Advancement Scheme).

  • Time taken to acquire M. Phil. and/or Ph. D. degree to not count as teaching or research experience.

  • Active time spent in pursuing research degree simultaneously with teaching assignment without taking any kind of leave will be counted as teaching experience for direct recruitment or promotion.

  • Good grades from head of the department sufficient on annual assessment and a recommendation by screening and evaluation committee. Note the following:

    • Research score of 75 for Assistant to Associate

    • Research score of 120 for Associate to professor.

  • For direct recruitment, of Associate professor, of successful guidance at doctoral level is deleted

  • Removal of Academic Performance Indicator (API) score up to the post of academic professor

Marks in Graduation and Post-Graduation

  • Candidate is given points according to the graduation marks as follows

  • A score of 80%, will get 20 points.

  • A score in the range of 60 - 80%, will get 19 points.

  • A score less than 55 % gets no points.

Salient Points in the Draft

  • Candidates awarded PhD from having NET qualification for direct recruitment to Assistant Professor posts excepted.

  • Workload of teachers in full-time employment to not be less than 40 hours a week for 30 working weeks (180 teaching days) in an academic year.

  • No criteria for shortlisting candidates as the Assistant professor level for direct recruitment.

  • Minimum direct teaching-learning process hours for an Assistant Professor should be 16 hours and 14 hours for Associate Professor and Professor.

What is an API Score?

  • The ‘API’ score summed up a faculty member’s performance in classroom and lab, and contributions to society.

  • The form for API scores covers every bit of contribution by the faculty member, not only in academics, but also in the administration, research, society, and schools.

  • Form is the reflection of the candidate’s ability and versatility.

Existing Rules for the Staff of Colleges and Universities?

  • Qualifying eligibility tests like the NET, SET, and SLET are sufficient for the appointment of Assistant Professors in Colleges and Universities- this is no longer true.

  • PhD is not mandatory for promotion under CAS- this is no longer true

  • A period of 12 years of teaching experience needed for an assistant professor to be promoted to associate professor

  • Successful guidance is mandatory for direct recruitment

- Published/Last Modified on: April 4, 2018


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