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Examrace aims to provide students with latest time table, preparation material and previous years (past) papers for CBSE Board examination for Class X and XII.

CBSE Board Exam: Latest Notifications, Dates, Updates, News & More

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CBSE: Examrace Distance Learning

Succeed with Examrace Coaching Program for CBSE Board Exam (per revised syllabus for 2017 − 2018). Choose one of our smart-learning tools & join our family of 1000's of accomplished students since 2008:

CBSE Paper Scheme and Weightage

CBSE Class 11 and Class 12 Unit Weightage. Get the detailed and updated scheme of question papers and unitwise weightage for Class XI and XII.

CBSE Previous Years (Past) Papers

Get the largest collection of old papers for Class X and Class XII examination for last several years:


CBSE Problem Solving Assessment is for evaluating the problem solving skills of Class 9th and 11th students. Examrace provides largest collection of free preparation material and past papers to help you prepare for CBSE PSA Examination


CBSE Student Global Aptitude Index is an optional activity for evaluating the aptitude and skills of Class 10th students. Examrace provides information, samples, and guidelins for participating in CBSE SGAI TEST

CBSE Study Material

Examrace provides one of the largest collection of free study material & NCERT Books to help you prepare for CBSE Board Examination

CBSE Subject Syllabus

CBSE Class 11 and Class 12 Subject Syllabus. Get the detailed and updated syllabus for all the CBSE subjects for Class XI and XII. The details also include chapterization, number of periods, and exam weightage. For each subject we also provide reference books and recommended text books.

General Information for CBSE

This section provides information on basic aims, objectives and introduction to CBSE examination

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  • can you please tell me about the land use classification of NCERT class 8. ( - on )

    1 Answer

    For Class 8 lectures based on NCERT please visit -

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  • I am from Bahrain gulf & want all old foreign question papers for CBSE XII Science. Please send me the details how to buy mentioned papers.nAlso, whether question papers answers will be provided. ( - on )

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  • I am a student of class 9 by CBSE board . I want to become an IAS officer but I am having some problems. What is the right way to study? ( - on )

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    You must start your preparation with NCERT Books and read daily newspaper like the Hindu.

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