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This section provides information on basic aims, objectives and introduction to CBSE examination

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    What happens when motivation, clarity, and planning is missing in shaping a child’s future? - Graduates of even the most famous universities do not always go on to have outstanding careers.

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    Re-examination of CBSE Class 12 economics paper will be held on April 25, while CBSE Class 10 mathematics re-tests if required, would be conducted only for Delhi-NCR and Haryana in July.

    • The class 12 economics and class 10 Math’s papers were held on 26 March and 28 March, respe…

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    Here you will get a quick revision of the history with understanding and solving the following long and objective questions important for CBSE Class 10 History examination. To get a quick summary for the lecture refer:

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    Concept of Nation State - common identity and shared history developed & was result of struggle, action of leaders and common people. French Revolution - 1st expression of nationalism in 1789.

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    Summary for NCERT

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    Indo-China included Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. After Franco-Chinese war, French assumed control over Tonkin and Anaam & French Indo-China was formed in 1887. French considered colonies necessary to supply natural resources and essential goods.

    Map of Indo-China included Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

    Map of Indo-China included Vietnam, Laos

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    Gandhi’s return from South Africa, 1916 – Champaran, Bihar against oppressive plantation, 1917 – Kheda, Gujarat – crop failure and plague – relaxation on revenue collection. 1918 – Organize Ahmedabad textile mill workers.

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