CBSE Introduction

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an evergrowing board of education which is continuosly striving to bring new revolutions in the field of education. The board՚s aim is to develop new and interesting methodologies for teaching and learning, changes in examination systems and evaluation practices. For this, the board conducts teacher training programmes and workshops to update and upgrade the pedagogical skills of teachers and administrators. This Board is directly managed under the Ministry of Human Resource DEvelopment of India.

Apart from moving towards its goal of academic enhancement of a child, the board also gives equal importance to extra-curricular activites, sports and games, life skills education and environmental education. To develop this, CBSE conducts a national level Maths Olympiad, Science talent contest, Essay contests etc every year for the students of CBSE schools. Thus it can be looked upon as a complete development of personality of a child. For further details visit CBSE.