10th Board Exams Writing Tips: Tips to be Followed Before Exam, Tips to be Followed During Exam

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10th Board Exam Writing Tips

Basic Challenges Faced by Students

  • 10th Board exam is one of the most important exams of one՚s life.
  • Students usually get tensed and nervous during the examination.
  • To overcome these challenges certain tips and tricks need to be followed before the boards and during exams.
Studying Skills for Exam Success

Before the Examination

Distraction Free Study Corner

  • Distractions can be internal as well as external.
  • Internal distractions:
    • Emotional thoughts
    • Psychological need
  • External distractions:
    • People
    • Technology
  • As a student we should try to stay away from gadgets such as mobile phones or video games to prepare for the exams in an effective manner.

Following the Revision Pattern

  • It is believed that humans have a memory cycle of a day or 24 hours followed by the next seven days.
  • This means if there is a need to revise a certain lesson, then it should be done again in the next 24 hours and then again in the within the next seven days.
  • These are some basic tactics to be followed while preparing for the exams.

Timetable with the Syllabus

  • A Proper time-table needs to be followed along with the syllabus for all the subjects.
  • Allocating equal time for all the subjects will allow all the topics to get covered without fail.

Sample Papers

  • One should take sample tests from study corners.
  • This helps in analyzing how much time is required to answer the questions, marks wise apart from areas of improvement.
  • Taking mock tests will help in analyzing the strong and weak areas.

Keeping Calm and Keeping Fit

  • Health and Mind can be affected due to stress.
  • One should have a positive attitude and he/she shouldn՚t think too much.
  • One should energies himself/herself by following a proper diet and outside play.
  • Studying for late hours should be avoided.
  • Before the examination, one shouldn՚t stay up late in the night. This may result in headaches during the examination.

Doubts and Solutions

  • Any doubt related to the subject and topics.
  • Teachers should be approached for clearing the doubts.
  • Useful video tutorials can be followed to understand the confusing concepts and weak points.

During the Examination Hours

Presenting the Paper Well

  • The paper needs to be presented well such that it impresses the examiner.
  • Neat handwriting along with facts are important for presenting the paper well.

Too Much Time Needn՚t be Wasted on an Answer

  • In case the answer of a particular question is not remembered one should calm himself and think.
  • Still if the answer cannot be reminded, one should move to the next question.
  • After sometime, the left question can be tried again with a fresh mind.

Rechecking the Paper

  • Last 15 minutes should be left to recheck the papers.
  • The entire question and answer sheet need to be revised thoroughly.
  • Revision helps in checking:
    • If any question is left.
    • Any answer has been misnumbered.
    • Relevant diagrams have been provided.

After Examination

Things to Do After Examination