Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for Classes IX & XI for Academic Session 2013 − 14

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Reference: Circular No. Acad- dated 29.05. 2013, Circular No Acad-036 dated 29.05. 2013 and Circular No Acad-053 dated 08.08. 2013 on the Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for Classes IX & XI for academic session 2013 − 14 With the objectives of assessing students ′ abilities to analyse given life situations, to comprehend and interpret written text and other essential higher order thinking skills, the Board conducted its 1st Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) on 16th February, 2013. The initiative has been widely accepted and appreciated by all the stakeholders Similar Problem Solving Assessment for classes IX and XI for the academic session 2013 − 14 will be held on

  • 19th Oct. 2013 (Saturday) from 10.00 AM to 12.00 in winter bound schools
  • 18th Jan. 2014 (Saturday) from 10.00 AM to 12.00 in summer bound schools
  • The examination shall be conducted in the school itself.
  • Candidate shall appear against their Registration No.

Salient features of this test are as follows:

  • It will be compulsory for all students of classes IX and XI.
  • It will comprise of 60 items of MCQ type and will carry 60 marks.
  • There is no specific syllabus for this test. It will assess life skills related to the following elements: Language conventions, Qualitative Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning The items will incorporate assessment of 21st Century skills such as Creative Thinking, Decisionmaking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Communication skills that lead to greater success at higher education as well as real life situations. These items will be assessing students ‘ability to process, interpret and use information rather than merely assessing students’ prior subject knowledge.
  • The assessment in language will contain items that will assess grammar, usage, vocabulary in context and passage-completion.
  • The items will be prepared in Hindi as well as English.
  • PSA score will be counted towards FA4 which is 10 % of total assessments for class-IX. This score will be reflected equally in one language (English or Hindi) , Mathematics, Science and Social Science. Class-XI students will be issued a separate certificate for the same.
  • All those students of classes X and XII (who appeared in PSA while studying in classes IX and XI during the previous session) who wish to improve in PSA may be allowed to do so. Related information may be indicated clearly at the time of submission of the List of Candidates for 2014 annual examination.
  • There will be no separate registration for appearing in PSA.

The schools may contact following for any further clarifications if, need be.

Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Director (ART &I) at sadhanap. cbse@nic. in

or Mr. R. P. Sharma, Consultant at science. cbse@gmail. com