CBSE Class XII: Physics Previous Years (Past) Question Papers and Sample Papers From 1995-2017

Get old papers for Physics for CBSE Class 12 (XII) board examination from year.

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  • I m study in 12 CBSE board lived in MODINAGAR(meerut) I want to download previous papers of my region but I confused how to download them ( - on )

    1 Answer

    Please check with your school whether you will be appearing with CBSE Delhi or CBSE Outside Delhi.

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  • A convex lens is placed in contact with a plane mirror. A point object at a distance of 20 cm on the axis of this combination has it's image coinciding with itself.What is the focal length of lens? ( - on )

    1 Answer

    Think about the depth of the image at which the mirror would form the image.

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