Sample Question Paper Class IX Summative Assessment English Part 1

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Code No. 184

(Language and Literature)

M. M. 80 Time 3: 00 hrs

The Question paper is divided into four sections:

The Question Paper is Divided into Four Sections
Section A:Reading15 Marks
Section B:Writing15 Marks
Section C:Grammar15 Marks
Section D:Literature/Text Books35 Marks

All questions are compulsory.

Marks are indicated against each question.

Section – a Reading – 15 Marks

1. Read the passage and complete the sentences given below the passage by choosing the most appropriate option from those given. 5 Marks

Travelling is a pleasure. Particularly for the young, the desire to see new places and get the feel of a new environment makes travel a wonderful experience. But do we make it trouble-free for others?

don՚t start a conversation with the co-passenger without first knowing his willingness to converse with you. He/she might like to read or have a nap and not necessarily be in a mood to talk.

Place your baggage in the rack above your seat. don՚t encroach upon another՚s space. Also wait till the plane/bus/train comes to a stop to pull your luggage out.

Be eco-friendly — remember that the place where you stand had been visited and has to be visited by thousands more. Carry a plastic bag for waste on sightseeing trips; you can empty it later in a dustbin. “Sustainable Tourism” is the only way to protect the resource and beauty of the earth.

If you want to enjoy the hospitality of friends or relatives residing in the place you visit, inform them in advance. don՚t drop in like a bolt from the blue.

Be considerate towards your hosts. Help your host/hostess in domestic chores. Go on sightseeing trips without troubling them to come to your help. Use your own toiletries and towels. Use the telephone of your host sparingly and only when necessary. don՚t interfere in their domestic affairs unless you are asked to join. don՚t expect your host to attend to your needs all the time.

1. Travelling gives us happiness because …

a. we see hills

b. we see oceans

c. we see new places

d. of better weather conditions

2. We should not bother our fellow passengers by …

a. talking needlessly

b. taking their reading material

c. taking their sleeping space

d. not pulling their luggage out

3. Being eco-friendly in the passage implies …

a. planting trees

b. not wasting things

c. not littering the place

d. being kind to your hosts

4. One can be considerate towards the hosts by …

a. not visiting them

b. carrying plastic bags

c. not overstaying

d. not expecting too much

5. The antonym for ‘sparingly’ is …

a. liberally

b. carefully

c. necessary

d. needful

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