Sample Question Paper Class IX Summative Assessment II Communicative English Part 3

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Section D Literature 20 Marks

Q13 A) Song of the Rain

Marking: 3 marks – one mark for each correct answer.

a) people welcome the speaker

b) the song of the rain

c) autobiographical


The Bishop՚s Candlesticks

Marking: 3 marks – one mark for each correct answer.

a) Mere Gringoire needed money to pay her rent

b) reproachful

c) they had been in their family for years

B) Best Seller

Marking: 3 marks – one mark for each correct answer.

a) The listener claims he does not like Bestsellers but has acted like the hero of one.

b) The listener is going to great pains to try and acquire the flowers for his wife

c) Ironic/Mocking/Satirical

Q14. Marking: 2 marks for each answer. 2x4 = 8 marks

Value Points:

a) He is unpopular because he flaunts his superiority — no friends — colleagues avoid him Superiors angry, consider him proud and insolent — punish him by giving him extra Duties (The Man who Knew Too Much)

b) Falls in love with a girl who is socially far above his status Follows her over a great distance and goes to great pains to marry her (Best Seller)

c) Call him whenever in need of his prayers/unmindful of his comfort

Ask him for financial help whenever they need it (The Bishop՚s Candlesticks)

d) Enter the stage at birth and on their death, they leave it. Play their roles on the stage depending upon their age and the special characteristics attached to each age. (The Seven Ages)

e) Indulged herself on sweets earlier Has toothache now/paying for her carelessness and indulgence. (Oh, I Wish I՚d Looked After Me Teeth) .

Q15. (Keeping It from Harold)

Marking: 6 marks

Value Points:

  • What an extraordinary thing happened today
  • can՚t believe that my dad is the famous Boxer!
  • How could they keep it away? Imagine them trying to hide!
  • I am feeling so tall, proud that I know young Porky personally
  • My friends were really surprised when I told them
  • All this time they thought I was a softy! Now they know.
  • All these days I wondered about dad՚s profession
  • I am so proud of him.


(The Bishop՚s Candlesticks)

  • The Bishop for a moment was taken aback
  • Never thought that someone would abuse his hospitality
  • The pain was more for the personal attachment
  • The candle stand was a remembrance of his mother
  • Soon recovered, his goodness coming to the rescue
  • Realized that the convict՚s need was more than his
  • Forgave him in his heart
  • In spite of his sister provoking him, he did not rise to the bait
  • His behaviour reflects his character
  • Personal response giving reasons (agree or disagree with the Bishop՚s stand giving reasons for the same) .

Note: 1.4 marks for content – eight value points to be included – half mark for each value points

2 marks for expression as shown below:

  • 2 marks-Effective Organisation with very few errors.
  • 1 mark-Some weaknesses in Organisation; fairly frequent language errors
  • 0 mark-Poor Organisation; many language errors.

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