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Food Chain, Food Web and Ecological Pyramids - 3 Key Concepts in 1 Lecture

Ecology Concept, Components & Classification

This lecture explains what are food chains, food webs and ecological pyramids. She further explains the 3 types of ecological pyramids like pyramid of number, pyramid of biomass and pyramid of energy. She explains the possible cases including the upright and inverted pyramids.

Scope of Ecology

  • Marine, vegetation, and statistical ecology

  • Helps improve environment, manage natural resources, and protect human health.

Concept of Ecology

  • Relationships between living organisms and their physical environment

  • Understand connections between plants and animals

  • How to use Earth's resources for future generations.

  • From microbes living in the soil to animals and plants in a rainforest or the ocean.

Ecological Hierarchy

Classification of Ecosystem

  • Habitat

  • Ecoline

  • Use

  • Source of Energy

  • Stages of Development

  • Stability

Based on Habitat