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4 Concepts & Exceptions in Ecosystem - Food Chain, Food Web, Pyramids, Biomagnification

Food Chain Food Web Ecological Pyramids


  • Food chain

  • Trophic levels

  • Types of food chains

  • Food web

  • Significance of food web

  • Ecological pyramids

  • Disadvantages of ecological pyramids

Food Chain

Steps Of Food Chains

Trophic Levels

Types of Food Chain

  • Grazing food chain

  • Detritus food chain

  • Parasitic food chain

Food Web

Significance of Food Web

  • Maintain the ecological balance

  • Feeding relations among organisms

  • Energy flow and nutrient cycling

  • Alternate source of food

Ecological Pyramids

  • Pyramid of Number

  • Pyramid of Biomass

  • Pyramid of Energy

Pyramid Of Number

Pyramid Of Number

Pyramid of Biomass

Pyramid of Energy

Disadvantages Of Ecological Pyramids

  • Only indicates food chain

  • Decomposers ?

  • Single Organisms different trophic levels ?