CBSE Board Exam: Revision Terminology Part 17

  • Diffusion – Solute higher Equation Low concentration Equation Areas more disorder

  • Ration of diffusion Equation Equation

  • In O. P. = Concentration of solute Equation , if solute ionize in solution, if solute hydrated , if temperature increment

  • Cells of inner cortex of root Possess more O.P. than outer cells.

  • Plasma member act as differentially permeable member tonoplast & Cytoplasm.

  • Bacteria do not sunrise in salted pickles kerosene oil & swells.

  • Dry seeds, Velamen roots, cell walls Absorb water by imbibition

  • At low temp – water freeze to ice having high O.P. cause exosmosis of water = Desiccation

  • Marine Equation Fresh burst endosmosis.

  • Fresh Equation Marine dies exosmosis

  • Active process – respiration for guttation & bleeding plants

  • Bursting of cell in pure water (Solvent) is called plasmolysis

  • Osmotic – no energy involved

  • Non osmotic – involves energy

  • Guard cells have both PS I & II but Cannot assimilate CO2 because of the absence of (1) Ribulose Biphosphate Carboxylase

  • (2) NADP linked triose phosphate dehydrogenase

  • So heterotrophic

  • Transpiration in old stem & Fruits – Lenticels.

  • Fresh /dry W+ of plants – maximum in morning & minimum in noon.

  • Plants at high altitude show xeromorphic (adaptation to minimize transpiration)

  • Equation Of leaf = transpiration flax.

  • Chloroplast of guard cell Equation peripheral reticulum like that C4plants.

  • Chloroplast of guard cell Equation grana developed & have large starch accumulation when closed in most plants.

  • If half stomata of plant closed then transpiration is not reduced by half.

  • Plant from sea level Equation Mountain (Transpiration rate increment & it may die).

  • Blue light keep stomata open during & day & promote movement of K+ into cells.

  • Co2 Equation anti-transpirant -> ABA, PMA,

  • Higher temp Cause higher respiration leading to higher loads of CO2 which cause stomata closure

  • Stomata (Leftfield) -> According to daily movements

    1. Alfalfa – open whole day, closed at night – pea radish mustard turnip apple grapes

    2. Potato – open whole day, & night except few evening hours – onion potato banana.

    3. Barley – open only few hour in day – maize, wheat & other Cereals.

    4. Equisetum – always-open – Blue max open stomata.

  • Red & Blue = active spectra of transpiration.

  • Photometer = measure rate of transpiration

  • Porometer = assess total pore area(stoma)

  • Curtis – Transpiration is necessary evil.

  • If ground cell loss water – flaccid – inner wall Sags & pore closes

  • High temp (above 35 degree C) cause high loads of CO2 – Cause stomata closure

  • Scotoactive stomata – succulent (open in night) – Bryophyllum, opuntia, cactus

  • DDT = insecticide Equation Discernment Dr. muller (1939) 1st by German student

  • 2, 4 – D Equation Herbicide

  • Malathion Equation Flit Equation antimalarial program

  • Biofuels = Renewable

  • organophosphate act of CNS combine with phosphors of Cholinesterase & inhibit it in process of nerve gas in world war II

  • First bioinsecticede = Sporiene.

  • First bio herbicide = mycoherbicide – phyfthora plamivora.

  • Hardwood is better than Soft wood.