CBSE Board Exam: Reading Comprehension Sample/Problem II

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Reading Comprehension Sample Paragraph II


Read the following passage and answer questions that follow: Paragraph II It was during one of the most dreadful smallpox epidemic ~in England that Edward Jenner, a country doctor, made a: Discovery which was to alter the course of history. Jenner noticed that the disease seldom struck those who lived in rural areas and worked around cattle. Most farmers and dairy workers had contracted cowpox and had recovered with nothing more serious than a pustule which left a scar. This observation led Dr: Jenner to think: Why not vaccinate people with cowpox to protect them from smallpox? On May 14,1876, Dr. Jenner took a healthy boy, James Phillips, to a dairy maid, Sarah Nelmes, who had a cowpox pustule on her hand resulting from ‘an infection from her master՚s cow. Dr. Jenner made two shallow cuts on James Phillips’ arm and inoculated them with matter taken from the cowpox sore. A pustule developed on the boy՚s arm formed a scab and healed. In July of the same year. Dr. Jenner inoculated James with matter from a smallpox pustule. During the next two weeks, the doctor watched for signs of smallpox. They did not develop. The vaccination was successful. Dr. Jenner wrote a paper explaining hi ~method of vaccination. At first the doctors were hostile and would not listen to a. Ridiculous procedure. Many towns people organized anti vaccination campaigns. Gradually, however, the doctors and their patients accepted vaccination.

  1. The fact that Edward Jenner was a country doctor, was important in the discovery of smallpox vaccine, because
    1. he had enough time to pursue his research in the rural areas
    2. he noticed that the disease was prevalent where people worked around cattle
    3. he noticed that the disease seldom struck people who worked around the cattle
    4. he found that he could convince rural people more easily than city people

    Answer: c

  2. Dr. Jenner was successful as cowpox virus produces
    1. severe infection in humans resulting in deaths
    2. a mild infection in humans which is not enough to produce active immunity.
    3. a mild infection in humans which is enough to produce active immunity
    4. no infection in humans

    Answer: c

  3. Dr. Jenner made his experiment on a healthy boy who
    1. died after experimentation
    2. could not be relieved of his mark of pustule
    3. developed the sings of pustule on his body when he was injected the matter of cowpox
    4. was paid for it

    Answer: c

  4. Passage here is having all an
    1. narrative style 25
    2. analytic style
    3. provocative style
    4. idiomatic style

    Answer: a

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