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Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy Potential and Achievements

Corporation of India was set up to operate interstate and inter-regional transmission system. Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) looks after the electrification of villages and rural areas. To encourage private sector investment in the power sector, major policy changes were initiated in 1991. Procedures for clearances of the projects have been simplified and streamlined. Liberal environment for private entrepreneur is being provided, with some projects being given counter-guarantee and assured rate of return. Dabhol power project in Maharashtra was the first major power sector plant for which the State Government signed a Power Purchase Agreement and Central Government gave counter-guarantee. ~ides conventional sources of energy, due emphasis has been given on t he nonconventional, renewable energy sources in the country. The main work has been done on harnessing solar, wind, small hydro !lI1d bioenergy_ Photo-voltaic and solar thermal systems have been developed. The Sagar Island in West Bengal has been turned into "Solar Island" as all needs of people living there are met with solar energy. In the field of wind energy development, India is third in world with 900 MW of installed capacity. Farm projects have been set up in parts of the country where wind-velocity is large enough. Small, mini and micro hydel projects have been set up to fit in small budgets and local resources. r n the bio--energy field, technology for conversion of agro - wastes to energy have been developed. The biomass systems and improved chullah can be adopted, even at far flung areas. The rural and far-off areas depend on wood and agro- wastes for their energy requirement and efficient utilization of these will save wood and hence protect environment are over 25 lakh biogas plants installed in the country l:telp save 75lakh tons of fuel wood every year In the Ninth Five Year Plan there is proposal to add additional capacity of 3000 MW through non-conventional sources or energy. Attempts are being made to produce energy from urban and industrial waste which is increasing day by day.

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