Peoples'Empowerment: Social Forestry, its Types, Benefits and Shortcomings YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Peoples' Empowerment: Social Forestry, Its Types, Benefits and Shortcomings

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Elements of Social Forestry

  • Forest Education

  • Forest Extension – KSA (Knowledge, Skills & Attitude)

  • Forest Research

Social Forestry

Understanding farm forestry

Understanding Farm Forestry

Understanding farm forestry

Social Forestry

Social forestry assiting cropping

Social Forestry Appications

Social forestry assiting cropping

Economic Benefits

  • Increases fuel & fodder

  • Recreation & Job

  • Land Rehabilitation

  • Maximum use of land’s productive capacity

  • Enables siltation check

  • Provide diverse economic system

  • Protects from adverse climatic factors

Ecological Benefits

  • Saves existing forest

  • Improves the environment & beauty

  • Enables soil & water conservation

  • Reforestation of degraded forests

  • Enables stream flow regulation

  • Prevents soil erosion

  • Provides catchment protection

  • Improves hydrological cycle

  • Provides flood control

Case Studies

  • West Bengal – Land Reforms and Distribution of Surplus Lands

  • Chipko Movement – Women Initiative & Equity Approach to share Biomass

  • Sukhomadri – Sedimentation by erosion of bare hillslopes – overgrazing by goats – Aim was equal share of water


  • Poor Implementation

  • Divert agricultural land to forestry

  • Lack of ecological knowledge

  • Lack of specific directive

  • Species like Eucalyptus

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