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Indian Contribution: History of Geography Thought

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  • Bhugol (Bhu+Gol = Study of Earth – term in Suryasiddhanta) & Khagol (Study of Astronomy)

  • Sources: Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, Puranas, Buddhist & Jaina texts

  • Varahamihira: Avanti (Ujjain) – wrote Brahit Samhita

  • Brahmagupta: Brahmaputsiddhanta & Khandakhadyaka – source of light (Dinkara) & source of warmth (Bhaskara)

  • Aryabhatta: wrote Aryabhattiya (summary of Hindu Maths)

  • Bhaskarachayara: wrote Siddhanta Siroman in 4 parts

Views of Ancient Indian Scholars

  • Universe (Brahmand)

  • Earth:

  • Indian Subcontinent:


  • Artistic Origin:

  • Mechanical Origin:

  • Philosophical Theory of Cosmology:

  • Instrumental Origin:


  • Facts related to size and dimension of earth were near accuracy & contribution of zero

  • Latitudes (Akshansa) and Longitudes (Deshantra)

  • East as land of Gods – similar to Arab (T in O maps)

  • 4 Directions in Rigveda

  • Later 10 directions

  • Bhukampas (earthquakes)

  • Rigveda – 5 seasons

  • Ramayana – 6 seasons

Map of Facts Related to Size and Dimension of Earth

Map of Facts Related to Size and Dimension of Earth

Map of Facts Related to Size and Dimension of Earth

Dwipas (Continents)

Puranas: Earth into the seven dwipas (continents)

  • Jambu Dwipa:

  • Kusa Dwipa:

  • Somali Dwipa:

  • Plaksa Dwipa:

  • Kraunca Dwipa:

  • Puskara Dwipa:

  • Saka Dwipa:

Indian Subcontinent

  • Medieval Period: Map-making under Todarmal and Sher Shah Suri for revenue collection

  • 1767: Survey of India

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