CBSE Board Exam geography notes on production of linseed, castor, safflower, sunflower in India

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Agricultural Regions of India

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India produces 10% of the world production.

  • It is a rabi crop.

  • U P ; M P

  • Clay Loams as well as Clayey Black soils of the Central and Peninsular India.

  • Rainfall: 4575cm.

  • Oil seed contains 33% 47% of oil.

Castor Seed (Ricinus Communis)

  • India produces 1/5th of the total world production.

  • It is a tropical and subtropical crop.

  • It is both a Rabi (S. India) and Kharif (N. India) Crop.

  • Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh (67%)

  • Temperature:

  • Rainfall: 5075cm.

  • Soil: Deep loamy soils.

  • Sown in June-July .

  • Maturity: 6months.

  • Seed Contains 35%-38% oil.


  • It is a Rabi crop.

  • Seed contains 24% to 36% oil.

  • Solis: Alluvial Loams and Black soils.

  • Maharashtra (2/3rd); Karnataka; Andhra Pradesh (leading producer).


  • Introduced in 1969.

  • Photo intensive crop.

  • Annual rainfall less than 50cm.

  • Rabi and Kharif crop.

  • Maturity; 90100 days

  • Loam soil.

  • Sown during mid Dec.-mid Feb.

  • Harvested in mid July-August.

  • Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


  • Warm Temperature to cool temperature.

  • Temperature:

  • Rainfall: 100cm.

  • Oil content only 20%.

  • Very rich in protein.

  • M P, U P

  • Kharif crop.

  • Rizobium: a nitrogen fixing bacteria.

  • Fariable Loams: PH value 6.0 to 6.5.

  • Sown in June.


  • A kharif crop.

  • Sown hiJimeJ_uly.

  • Harvested in DecJan.

  • Mainly produced in Orissa M P Maharashtra

  • Soil: deep regur.

Cotton Seed

  • A substitute of Olive oil.

  • Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, M.P, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Gujarat (24.44%).


  • A millet crop and kharif crop.

  • Karnataka is the chief producer.


  • Gram (tur) Red gram, Urd (Black gram) and Moong (Green gram).

  • It is a Kharif crop.

  • Khisari and Masur are Rabi.

  • Crop are Leguminous and fixes nitrogen in the soil.

Millets (Sorghum, Jowar, Bajra and Ragi)

  • In India Sorghum is known as Jowar; Milo in Africa and Kaoling in China.

  • Temperature:

  • Rainfall: 50-120cm.

  • Deccan area


  • Winter season

  • U.P; M.P; Rajasthan; Haryana of total production.

  • In Bengal, Gram is most important pulse contributing about 40% of the total production.

  • Rabi crop.

  • Rainfall: moderate (50100 cm.)

  • Seeds sown in mid Oct. to beginning of Nov.

  • Matures in 150 days.


  • Rainfall more than 120 cm.

  • Kharif crop.

  • Maharashtra, M.P, U P

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