CBSE Board Exam: Indian Geography Lakes

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Glacial Landforms

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Lakes and Lagoons

  • Largest fresh water lake in India Wular (Jammu and Kashmir)

  • Largest fresh water lake in Rajasthan Jaisamand

  • Largest lake in Rajasthan Sambhar

  • Asia's largest brackish water lake Chilka (orissa)

Some Important Lakes

  • Pulicat Lake Andhra Pradesh,

  • Kolleru Lake Andhra Pradesh,

  • Loktak Lake Manipur,

  • Lonar Lake Maharashtra,

  • Nakki Lake Mount Abu (Rajasthan),

  • Deedwana Lake Deedwana (Rajasthan),

  • Panchbhadra Lake Rajasthan,

  • Dal Lake Srinagar (J and K),

  • Lingtzi Tang Jammu and Kashmir,

  • Tso Murari Jammu and Kashmir,

  • Govind Vallabh Gagar U.P,

  • Pichola Lake Rajasthan,

  • Sukhna Chandigarh,

  • Ashtamudi Kerala.

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