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Marine Resources - in 3 Simple Categories

Marine Resources

This lecture by Dr. Manishika Jain focuses on the concept of marine resources and 3 types viz. , biotic resources, energy resources and mineral resources.


For food - fish, such as orange roughy, blue ling, grenadier and redfish, and shellfish (e. g. , oysters, mussels, crabs and lobsters)


Fuel, plastics, man-made fibres, chemicals (e. g. , pain-killers) , rubber, fertilsers etc


Central heating, cooking, plastic and chemical production, food-processing, some transportation.


Minerals mined from the deep sea include gold, nickel, cobalt, copper, manganese, and zinc

Sand and Gravel

Construction industry for building, and for the manufacture of concrete.

Renewable Energy

Marine renewable energy from tidal streams, waves, and wind fulfils electricity demands.


Marine Resources Types Image

Biotic Resources

Biotic Resources Image

Mineral Resources

Mineral Resources Image

Energy Resources

  • Mineral Resources
  • Non-Mineral Resources
    • Deuterium
    • OTEC
    • Energy from Osmotic Pressure
    • Tidal
    • Energy from Oceanic Currents
    • Wave
    • Biomass Conversion

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